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Whale Killing Condemned by JAAN

whale 12 2015

JAAN condemns the recent killing and butchering of a young spermwhale (Physeter macrocephalus) in the village of Lamahera, Eastern Indonesia, which happened last Sunday, April 12 2015. Besides the fact that the hunt happened outside of the ‘traditional whaling season’ in Lamahera, the meat and bones of the whale are also commercialized with the bones being sold for vague ‘chinese medicines’ by a buyer from Bali and the meat ending up on local markets.

Lamahera is worldwide known as the Indonesian ‘traditional whale hunting area’.
But how traditional are they really hunting and how sustainable are these hunting practices?

According to the ‘local traditional regulations-Adat’, the traditional whale hunting starts in May and ends in October every year. During this season, only 3, but some claim up to ten, toothed whales are allowed to be captured in traditional ways (use of spears and canoos) and meat is to be bartered locally only.

Yet the young generation doesn’t seem to follow the original ‘adat rules’, now hunting dolphins almost daily and even a pregnant orca was observed butchered.
There is little known about the orca species (orcinus orca) in Indonesian water so this is also of concerns marine mammals around the globe.

Marine mammals in Indonesia still face little protection due to the grey area within the authorities of their protection (under fisheries of forestry department).
The ongoing exploitation of dolphins in a travelling-show proves that marine mammal protection still is of little importance on the agenda of the Indonesian Government.


seapen kotok island small

End February JAAN released one brahminy kite succesfully back in to the wild. The bird was confiscated in 2012 from ‘kelapa island’ where fishermen had the bird chained after fetching from the nest at another nearby island.

Fortunately the news spreaded soon about the kite as most local people within the Thousand Islands region are aware of the program at Kotok Island run by JAAN and reported to JAAN.

The Brahminy Kite and White Bellied Sea Eagle rehabilitation programs started in 2004 and is managed and funded solely by JAAN. Besides the rehabilitation of raptors, JAAN also protects sea-turtles, the coral reef, and runs awareness activities at local schools on the nearby islands. JAAN also started a recycle workshop at Pramuka island where plastics are re-used and turned in to useable and nice items for the local people to sell. This is an effort to help reduce the amount of rubbish on the white pristine beaches around the islands and provide an income for local people. Fifteen people now work fulltime in the workshop, completely independent.

Other activities also take place here, like the sterilization of stray cats which JAAN has been doing since 2009 on Pramuka and Panggang island and this year in Tidung Island as well. Sterilizations of the stray cats here is effective as the cats live on an island and so the results are clearly visible; the population of cats become healthier and not out of control.

A Big storm has hit Kotok island and destroyed our pre-release cage, also our harbor. Therefore it took long to fix the damage as funds were badly needed to rebuilt the seapen; a very important step in the rehabilitation process of the raptors. This cage is where they learn how to catch their own fish straight from the sea and is therefore the last stage in rehabilitation.

Now thanks to the support of JIS and Fans for Nature, the cage has been rebuilt at Kotok island.

JAAN has successfully rehabilitated 67 Brahminy kites back in to the Thousand Islands Region and 7 white bellied sea eagles. At present, JAAN cares for 36 birds on Kotok Island.

Its nice to mention that the Brahminy kite is Jakarta’s symbol yet was declared extinct when this program begun back in 2004 due to the illegal wildlife trade.
Kotok island is a beautiful and well kept nature reserve in the middle of the Thousand Islands, jakarta. Wild dolphins and also small whale species often pass by the island.
JAAN also runs educations programs for kids on the island.
Outbound games, education about raptors and the reef and seaturtles, education about marine mammals and the environment in general will all be given to the kids as well as outbound games and kid circus games.

Kotok island can be visited on appointment, email jakartaanimalaid@gmail.com / info@jakartaanimalaid.com for more information

Wildlife Bust!

Screen shot 2015-02-23 at 5.21.05 PM
After a a period of investigation JAAN, COP and the local police (MABES POLRI ) managed to bust a big wildlife trader that sells all sorts of protected wildlife animals on-line ! 32 animals ( 14 different species ) were confiscated : 1 baby orang utan, 1 baby sunbear, 3 Palm Cockatoo, 5 Yellow-crested Cockatoo, 1 Black-capped Lory, 1 Salmon-crested Cockatoo, 1 Cacatua Alba, 1 Leopard Cat, 3 Eclectus Parrot, 8 Hornbill, 3 Celebes crested macaque, 2 Tarsius, 1 Bear Cuscus, 1 Vulture Parrot

The trader was arrested and will be procecuted and all animals are now at Cikananga Rescue Center and need to be cared for !
Great team work!

If you would like to help sponsor 1 of these animals please e-mail : info@jakartaanimalaid.com and we will make sure all their medical treatment and needs are met.
Thank you for your help !

JAAN Helps Flood Victims in North Jakarta

Unfortunately its that time of the year again, heavy floods in Jakarta…
This week JAAN went on their first rescue missions. A dog in Pluit that was being pulled by a group of children in the floods. Thankfully somebody noticed this and quickly took the dog away from the children and brought the dog to a dry area. The dog is at JAAN now and hopefully he will be ok.
The previous years JAAN has always worked with Vidia Schulz Rumah Singgah Hos and thankfully we are working together again! This morning Vidia informed us about ibu Meta in Sunter . Ibu Meta and her 11 dogs were stuck in the house and in bu Meta’s surroundings the flood was up to the waist. JAAN and HOS went to the location in the morning and have been helping to evacuate Ibu Meta’s dogs until now ! It has not been an easy task because it takes a 1 hour walk thru the floods to get to bu Meta’s house, then 1 hour back with some dogs ( boat is too small to bring them all at ones ) and then back again for the next round.

This is just the beginning and for the upcoming week we are all going to be very busy with evacuating and rescue . If you would like to help we need the following :
1.Dog & cat food ( wet and dry ) to feed to strays while we are in the area
2.we need lots of towels and blankets
3.Or you can make a donation to our bank acc so we can use these funds for medicines for the dogs, supplies needed and also food and supplies for our team who works hard and around the clock!
Thank you Sudarno Brutal Dio Friedel Castro Merry Dvm Darma Glen Perkusi Orangutan Wurmbii Vidia Schulz for your hard work last night and today!!!

Marine Mammal Stranding Rescue Work

05march 2012 rescue bali stranded
Since the rescue of the spermwhale later named “Whaley’ an Indonesian marine mammal rescue stranding network started to develop. During the rescue of ‘whaley’, who unfortunately died post-release.

New bonds were formed amongst ocean lovers, divers, activists who all wanted to help and work the hardest they could to rescue ‘Whaley’.

“Whaley’ ‘s skeleton now is open for the public to be visited on Kotok Island; he serves as an ambassador for his species and all other aquatic wildlife. Although we all mourn about his death, his stranding has been responsible for some great new initiatives to help other Aquatic Wildlife in Indonesian waters.

The greatest outcome might have been the development of a national Marine Mammal Strandings Protocol, which you can download here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2kv8wz4v4cpxzx1/1stNational%20Indonesia%20Marmal%20stranding%20workshop.rar?m=

Since ‘Whaley’s’ rescue in July 2012, JAAN has been involved and pro active with various strandings throughout Indonesia.

JAAN feels the urgency to handle fast and professional during Marine mammal strandings, to enable us to return these ‘humans of the ocean’ back to the sea and avoid any involvement of the captive industry.

The captive industry exploiting cetaceans are always eager to use the reason for the need of rehabilitation to bring stranded dolphins to their facilities. These dolphins are never released back in to the wild, yet they will be used in dolphin shows in Indonesia such as the world’s last dolphin travelling show.

In Indonesia some captive parks exploiting dolphins have been involved with Marine Mammal Stranding Workshops after the protocol was developed. These marine parks certainly don’t assist the government with marine mammal stranding training because of their interest to help dolphins; instead, they will request stranded dolphins in exchange such as dolphins send to the Ocean Park facility in Hong Kong from Indonesia.

JAAN strongly opposes any involvement of the captive industry with strandings.

JAAN believes that dolphins should be released back in to the ocean, or are better euthanized if in pain, instead of suffering and dying a slow, painful death inside a captive facility; Dolphins simply never cope in captivity and even the lowest animal welfare standards cant be fulfilled when dolphins are held captive.

JAAN now also provides trainings for those interested in learning about marine mammal strandings, which will enable us to grow a much needed network of volunteers to assist during strandings.

JAAN organizes a first two day training in the Thousand Islands on April 18 and 19, 2015.

The National Protocol in Indonesia will be explained during the training.

Also new skills and information obtained during the ‘Marine Mammal Stranding Training’ in Dumaguete, February 2015 organized by the Earth Island Institute (www.eii.org), will be presented to all participants.

This very intensive and thorough training was provided by AA Yaptinchay (Marine Wildlife Watch of the Phillipines; www.mwwphillipines.org), Allesandro Ponzo (www.lamave.org) and Andrea Barcelona (www.balyena.org).

If you are interested to join, kindly email Femke: jakartaanimalaid@gmail.com

Some links about JAAN’s involvement with previous strandings:

Whaley the Spermwhale:


Blue Whales returned back to the ocean http://jakartaanimalaid.com/blog/?p=7090

Mass Stranding in West Java


Sponsor a Rescued Animal Program

rio and lio

How does it work?

JAAN Cares for many rescued animals.

End 2014 JAAN cares for 37 raptors, 99 long tailed macaques (ex-dancing monkeys), 53 rescued dogs, 21 rescued cats.

JAAN also supports the finances of the some of the rescued wildlife we have been involved with confiscating as for December 2014 these are 3 Orangutans, 2 Sumatran Tigers, 2 Pig Tailed macaques, 5 gibbons.They are housed in Cikananga wildlife center.

Surely we strive to provide the best possible care for these rescued animals, by;

– Employing professional and dedicated 17 animal caretakers and fulltime 2 veterinarians

– Providing fresh and variated food to all rescued animals

You can help JAAN care for a rescued animal.

Please pick an animal species of choice.

We will send you a picture of the animal you adopted and an update.

The costs per animal is 250,000 IDR per month (15 Euro), to make it easy, the costs are the same for each species.Some people wish to donate once for the whole year.

Now we have 7 ex-dancing monkeys financially adopted, many dogs and one orphaned long tailed macaque.

You can donate to our paypal account or to the JAAN Mandiri or BCA account; details can be found on our website www.jakartaanimalaid.com

Thank you for your support

Thank you Stamina Climbing Wear !

JAAN wishes to thank Stamina Climbing Wear for an amazing clinbing fundraising event!

In august JAAN was approached by Stamina Climbing Wear. This company wanted to organize a climbing fundraising event after which all funds raised would be distributed amongst stichting Aap, The Rainforest Connection and JAAN!

Surely we reacted very happy to this amazing offer and the event organized was dated on the same date the ‘Monte Cervino’, a 34,5 meter climbingwall in Rotterdam was opened.

The challenge was toclimb 4478 meter te klimmen which is the same as each team climbing this wall 136 times! ; the Stamina Challenge.

On 20 September 80 climbers gathered early morning to climb the Monte Cervino. The climbers really gave their full strength and were really taking the challenge seriously. For JAAN an amazing 1081,59 euro was gathered through their input and hard work!

JAAN is extremely thankful to Stamina Climbing Wear. The funds will be put to good use rehabilitating rescued ex-dancing monkeys.
For the video about the Stamina Climbing Challenge please follow this link;

Lio the Orphan

Lio 2
Lio 2
rio and lio
Lio is an orphaned baby long tailed macaque. Lio was rescued on December 09 from an illegal wildlife trader who wanted to sell Lio amongst other wildlife.
Lio arrived in very poor state, completely dehydrated and full of parasites. Lio is very afraid of humans, thinking he will be harmed he screamed in fear when we tried to touch him at first.
Now he has calmed down and understands he is well looked after, he started drinking from the bottle we give him 8 times per day. He has joined another little orphan monkey, Rio, who is just a little younger yet much stronger then Lio.
Lio misses the confidence he needs but we hope Rio will teach him this.

JAAN Helps Gili Horses


Complaints from tourists about the poor welfare of horses in one of Indonesia’s main tourist area, the Gili Islands resulted in a long term collaboration between JAAN and the Gili Eco Trust.
Since 2009, JAAN has assisted The Gili Eco Trust with veterinary clinics in the Gili Islands, Lombok to provide first relief for the estimated three hundred carriage horses working in the area.
Yet through these clinics all the medical team can do is put plasters on the wounds. The problem for the welfare of the horses in the Gili islands goes way
In 2010 JAAN made a report about the situation at the Gili islands which was handed over to the Governor. A one time visit followed by the representatives of the ‘Dinas Peternakan’ (Agriculture and veterinary department, Lombok) yet the situation for the horses remained the same and no serious attention was given by the local government.
The ongoing view of suffering horses, standing long hours in the heat, not being provided fresh water but drinking salty well water making them ill and dehydrated, horses being beaten, horses collapsing, resulted in a swell of complaints by tourists. The Gili Carriage Horse Support Network then was founded to actively bundle these complaints and forward them to the authorities.
The Tourist Department, The agriculture Department should be actively involved in finding solutions. The ongoing observations of the poor conditions for the working horses in the Gili islands is not a local problem; it’s a national shame. The Gili Islands attract more then 400,000 tourists yearly from the western world who are aware and concerned about animal welfare.
Many of the pictures and complaints send by tourists to the Gili Carriage Horse Support network were exposing the overload of the horses carrying Bintang Beer Crates to fuel the partying scene on the island.  Besides the welfare of the horses the welfare of passengers is also at stake. In July two visitors to Gili Trawangan ended up in hospital after a horse on the loose hit them with the cart and bricks it was carrying.
This leaded to an official meeting organized by PT Multi Bintang one year after the first emails were send to remind PT Bintang about their responsibilities and involvement with the suffering of the carriage horses. On December 9 2014 representatives from the
Local Government
Carriage Horse owners / Association members (Cidomo)
Gili Carriage Horse Support network
Gili Eco Trust,
Jakarta Animal Aid Network
PT Multi Bintang,
During this meeting a discussion was held verifying the complaints and comments made by tourists and the urge to have a proper system to manage the carriage horses at the Three Gili Islands, starting in Gili Trawangan where most horses are working.
Bpk Muhammed Taufic, Head of the village of desa Gili Trawangan made some strong and good comments about the situation;
The complaints of these tourists are true. Gili Trawangan has a problem with animal welfare. Yes there is animal abuse and we need to stop it. We will start with weight limits and providing a place for shelter for the horses. Horses are no longer allowed to stand in the full sun and if you see horses in such situation anyone can tell the drivers off. The drivers from now on have to arrange a ‘driving license’ allowing us to control them better. One cart is only allowed to carry 4 passengers including the driver from now on’.
A veterinarian from the agriculture and veterinary department was introduced as being able to react to medical conditions yet he wont be standby on the island. What the Gili Islands need is a full time professional medical team standby on the island, fresh water and grass provided for all horses, stop the overloading of the horses, stop the unnecessary beatings and provide an area for the horses to rest and play.
These developments are positive and we will closely monitor the enforcement of these new regulations.
gili1  gili2
www.jakartaanimalaid.com www.jakartaanimalaid.nl

Action Against Killing Sharks and Manta Rays

save 5
save 2

save 3

save 4



Tanjung Luar, East Lombok has built a reputation in the last few years. Not a very good one; the area is known for killing sharks and manta rays in large numbers. JAAN first visited Tanjung Luar area after receiving reports about the killings of dolphins to be used a shark bait. Since then, JAAN has ongoing activities in the area, first by doing research and coordinating with the government regarding the problems observed in the field
JAAN has worked closely with the Gili Eco Trust for this program and in 2014 JAAN adn Animal Friends Jogja (AFJ) work together to conduct an awareness tour in the area. A specially designed puppetshow about saving sharks and the marine ecosystem tours the schools in the fishermen villages in and around Tanjung Luar.

Captured Dolphin Set Free

Screen shot 2014-10-31 at 8.33.51 AM
A female bottlenose dolphin was set free on October 26th by members of the Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN). The dolphin was captured in Jepara, Indonesia, on the north coast of Java on October 22nd.

Blue Whales Update

blue whale
FINAL UPDATE: Operation ‪#‎savewhales‬ has come to and end, all Blue Whales are back in the ocean now after being trapped inside a bay for 10 days. Mummy whale (35 meters long) was the last to leave the bay, mourning for days at the spot she lost her infant. Well done field team coordinated by Amank, thank you!

whale dead
whale dead
whale dead

10 days ago a pod of Blue Whales entered Lembata Bay.  One infant whale died during day 3 of the operation. Due to the combined efforts of many parties, all the surviving whales were successfully guided out of the bay but one whale returned and keeps circling the spot where the infant died.  The team believes that she is the mother whale mourning her loss.  Despite efforst to guide her out of the bay again by creating a sound wall by rented boats, boats from the fisheries department and from the Indonesian navy, the whale refuses to leave the bay.  The team faces a new challenge- to prevent the other whales from re-entering the bay as if to tell the mother whale to come out now.  The team is still trying to guide Mummy whale as she is now called out of the bay.  This is day 6 of the operation and JAAN needs to rent boats.  Donations are much appreciated to help with this resuce operation as JAAN has very limited resources. Experts frpm Indonesian and international marine rescue networks and blue whale specialist Benjamin Kahn from Apex have all bee consulted to make this unique rescue operation successful. JAAN has been on site for 7 days now.
Day 3 of operation #savewhales #bluewhales in lembata.
Still 2 adult whales are trapped after yesterday succesfully two whales were guided out by a joint effort, many manpower and boats.
Juvenile blue whale has died and two adult whales remain trapped in the bay, 
Now groups of blue whales approach the bay from out of the open ocean. This is incredible. ‎It shows the strong family – friendship bonds and their intelligence and social and caring character. 
The team now has an extra challenge; how to avoid the approaching whales to enter the bay and how to safely guide the trapped whales out of the bay. This picture is the ‘baby’ who died. 

Ahok Supports JAAN’s Mission to Improve the Welfare of Animals in Indonesia


The Jakarta Post covered the Rabies Awareness Day at Taman Langsat last sunday where Deputy Governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama, who attended the event, promised to turn Jakarta into an animal-friendly city.

“A civilized city is a city that is also friendly to animals. Let’s make Jakarta a safe city for pets,” he said, adding that the city would close down pet shops and clinics that have been reported for abuse or dubious services.

Doortje and his friends released !


‘Ex topeng monyet’ group one lead by Doortje is now in the forest ! We wish to explain that this release would not be possible without the collaboration with International Animal Rescue, Dinas kelautan bidang peternakan DKI Jakarta, Direktorat konservasi Keanearagaman Hayati-Kementerian kehutanan RI dan Balai besar Konservasi Sumberdaya Alam (BKSDA) Jabarhttp://www.jawapos.com/baca/artikel/7396/Justin-Bieber-Dilepas-ke-Hutan

JAAN needs a lot of funding to make the release of the ex topeng monyet possible- please donate today so that JAAN can make a new life a reality for the rest of the ex dancing monkeys !! Please donate to BCA or Mandiri or contact info@jakartaanimalaid.com

Cat Sterilization Action on Tidung Island






A second sterilization ‎drive in 2014 of stray cats has been conducted on Tidung Island, the Thousand Islands region, Jakarta.
Dhr Merry from JAAN assisted by a team cat caretakers and paramedics has fulfilled the first 3 days of sterilizing the stray cats. ‎Working on a tropical island sounds like fun, but its challenging due to the heat and other environmental challenges. The team was kindly offered the facilities of Tidung Mutiara Resort, a nice resort located at beach front and worth your visit when you go to Tidung island!

Sterilizing stray cats on the thousand Islands has been an important activity of JAAN since JAAN was founded. Cats have been sterilized at Pramuka Island, Panggang Island and since 2014 also at Tidung island.

The activity needs to be ‎ongoing, done yearly to really effectively see the positive effects sterilization drives have on straycat populations.
JAAN plans to focuss fully on Tidung island this year and return every two months to enable the team to sterilize at least 80 % of the stray cat population.

You can help too!! Please consider donating to help improve the situation at tidung island. The costs to sterilise a female cat is 150,000 and a male cat 100,000 . If you can help please email us at info@jakartaanimalaid.com and let us know how many cats you would like to sponsor to be sterilised!


Get Your JAAN T- Shirt or Your Dogs Are Not Food T- Shirt Today !

dogs are not food t shirts
jaan t shirt 2
dogs are not food 2

New Stock just in ! T- Shirts are Rp 100,000 each. Just Email info@jakartaanimalaid.com to order yours.

Ex Dancing Monkeys to be released soon !


Friends, We need your support. We plan to release the almost 150 rescued ex-dancingmonkeys in different groups now since we have been provided an OK by the government but we need to survey various locations to find the best and safe location to allow the ex-topengmonyets to really enjoy their freedom. We need donations to reach this goal. We are in need of all support. Thank you JAAN_Nederland volunteers for organizing a benefit to help seek financial support for the release of the ex dancingmonkeys. If you wish to help and donate for this cause please find our banking details here and mention: for release TM :

Jackie Rescued from a life of desperate misery- thank you ASTI for receiving him !

jackie jackies cage
jackie 3

On Tuesday August 6 2014 the ASTI Team in Gadok received a phone call from forestry department about an orangutan in need of rescue. JAAN went to assist with this rescue of an orangutan adult male, named Jackie,  in very poor condition. He was kept for over five years inside a tiny cage, no bigger then 2 x 3 x 2 meters, living in his own waste. He could hardly look outside, had no access to fresh water and had nothing to hang on or a dry place to even sit on. The orangutan was obtained from kalimantan as a juvenile and it is a miracle he survived for all these years under such cruel conditions. His hair was all matted and filled with lice and he was skinny and miserable. Jackie was brought to ASTI Center where he immediately started to swing happyly with all the branches and enrichments in his cage, as well as tasting all the different fruits and veggies offered to him. He was so happy, he was rolling over and swinging energetically up and down. For the whole team, it was a very moving moment seeing him happy with actually so little; all the basic needs which had been deprived from him all those years.

Death Boat for Horses and Buffalos !

dead horses

dead horses 2

In Flores,Labuhan bajo there is a boat seeking engine repairs right now. The boat brings 140 horses and waterbuffalo’s, of which half have died as they are transported without any water/food/shelter and tight up in such harsh way the rope is cutting their flesh. The boat smells of death. Once the engine is repaired, the boat plans to continue to Sulawesi (posso)
This is the trade in carriage horses. This is the full story.
Selamatkan Kuda, Kerbau & Kambing yang Sekarat di Pelabuhan Labuan
Bajo, Flores!”
Sebanyak tidak kurang dari 140 satwa ternak terdampar di Labuan Bajo,
Flores di atas kapal Wahyu Ilham milik Bpk. Hj. Nur. Satwa-satwa ini
ditransportasikan selama 6 hari dari Sumba menuju Poso, Sulawesi,
tetapi dalam perjalanan kapal mengalami kerusakan mesin dan berhenti
di pelabuhan Labuan Bajo, Flores untuk perbaikan. Selama itu pula
ratusan satwa ternak ini didera kelelahan, stress dalam perjalanan,
kelaparan dan kehausan karena tidak disediakannya makanan dan minuman
memadai oleh pemilik kapal sekaligus pemilik satwa-satwa ini!!
Ratusan satwa-satwa ini dipaksa berjejalan dalam kapal kecil,
ditumpuk, diikat berhimpitan di dalam kapal tanpa bisa bergerak, dan
saat ini terhitung 52 satwa sudah mati!! Sisanya sekarat menunggu ajal
jika kita tidak bergerak menolong!
Atas kepedulian masyarakat setempat, sudah bisa diusahakan penyediaan
air minum bagi satwa-satwa yang hingga sekarang masih ada dan
berhimpitan di atas kapal, namun kerjasama dari Dinas Peternakan,
Balai Karantina dan aparat yang berwenang sangat minim untuk mengatasi
kasus ini dikarenakan libur Lebaran.
Dari dalam kapal tercium bau busuk bangkai dan terdengar suara
kuda-kuda yang masih hidup tapi sekarat. Semua satwa mati bahkan yang
masih hidup tapi lemas pun sudah dibuang ke laut oleh pemilik kapal.
Meskipun sudah ditawarkan bantuan untuk satwa-satwa itu dan
menyelamatkan yang masih hidup, pemilik kapal menolak bekerjasama dan
bersikeras akan secepatnya mentransportasikan yang masih hidup dalam
keadaan tidak sehat dan sekarat ke Poso, Sulawesi!

Insiden yang berakibat pada penderitaan dan kematian satwa ini bukan
pertamakali terjadi dan praktek kekejaman ini harus segera dihentikan!
Berbagai pelanggaran terhadap UU No. 18 tahun 2009 tentang Peternakan
dan Kesehatan Hewan dan pelanggaran terhadap pasal 302 KUHP terjadi!

Satwa-satwa yang masih hidup perlu pertolongan segera! Inilah yang
harus segera dilakukan:

1. Pastikan semua satwa yang masih hidup di kapal Wahyu Ilham di
pelbuhan Labuan Bajo, Flores TIDAK DITRANSPORTASIKAN ke Poso,
2. Pastikan semua satwa yang masih hidup disita dan diserahkan ke
organisasi pemerhati kesejahteraan satwa untuk mendapat perawatan
3. Menindak pelaku kekejaman terhadap satwa sesuai hukum yang berlaku
4. Aktifkan fungsi kerja Dinas Peternakan dan Balai Karantina untuk
mengatasi kasus ini dengan benar
5. Aktifkan fungsi kerja Kepolisian untuk penegakan hukum bagi
kesejahteraan satwa

Horror at Abandoned Pet Store !!!! JAAN Rescues all the animals !

pet store

pet store 2

pet store 3











DSC_8048DSC_8138This hell hole in pasar modern BSD was reported to JAAN and went around twitter the past couple of days. Some animal lovers took immediate action and have been feeding these poor animals for the past 2 days.
They also brought the golden to a clinic in BSD near the location since she was not even able to stand up.
When we arrived at the location yesterday afternoon we were terribly shocked by what we saw. Dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, turtles, snakes all in bad shape, filthy, dehydrated and just overall a horrific situation.
According to the management of pasar modern, they have not been able to get in touch with the owner and the keeper also has not shown up since yesterday. The management of pasar modern requested that we take all animals since the living conditions and the whole situation was just unacceptable from every angle ( animal welfare but also the filthy environment ).
So thats what we did, we rescued them all!
The dogs and cats will need intensive medical care , intensive grooming and just overall they need to be nursed back to health.
What can you do to help?
1. make a donation
2.help with supplies such as malaseb shampoo, bedding, good quality food etc. For the rabbits and hamsters special food.
3.foster or even better adopt! Also pls dont forget we have many many rabbits, hamster and turtles that need a responsible and loving home!
4.volunteer your time buy helping us with cleaning and caring for the animals.
5. spread this story around because the more people know the higher the chances are that we find good homes for all these animals

We would like to thank our good friend Niniek Purnomo, for providing a super nice and comfortable place for the domestic animals where they can complete their quarantine period. It really is so much more then we could ever wish for and you should have seen the dogs, cats and rabbits when they were let out of their cage !! Pure happiness!! Also , as usual , Alberthiene Endah Baru , Mas Dio Friedel Castro thank you for pushing for this rescue!! Our team who worked hard and till very late last night, you are the best! And all the doglovers who have been involved! Also thank you to the management of pasar modern for being so supportive!

Jaan Indonesia (FB) added 19 new photos to the album JAAN Rescues Animals from Abandoned Pet Store —please check JAAN Indonesia Facebook

Please donate today so that we can provide medical care for these starving animals !

For more details please email us : jaan_adopt@yahoo.com or info@jakartaanimalaid.com

Pls dont forget to check our website and FB for regular updates!

Horse Abuse on Gili Island

gili 4
hores abuse gili









The Gili Islands, which is part of Indonesia and close to Bali, are three small, tropical islands with no cars or motorbikes. Although it sounds like an idyllic paradise, it is anything but!  Animal cruelty and abuse is rampant on the Gili Islands and business and political leaders need to end the HORRIFIC carriage horse business and replace them with solar powered Tuk Tuks.

Gili Islands is home to the long suffering and poorly treated carriage ponies-YES they capture ponies from neighboring islands and put them to work sometimes up to eighteen hours a day. They are emaciated, have little rest, drink salt water and have no medical care. They have no pasture in which to graze and they are always hitched up to a carriage.  They live a miserable existence because their owners do not know how to care for them.  The ponies are moneymakers, worked to the bone and then slaughtered and replaced when they cannot pull any more.   They were once wild horses that were captured and now brought to the Gili Islands to begin their life of slavery.  They ARE clearly ponies because of their small size, which ranges from 11-14 hands – but the locals call them horses- which they are not.

This is an eye- witness account of a tourist who visited the Gili Islands: 
We recently visited the Gili Islands for a vacation.  But when we saw the horrific work conditions of the emaciated carriage horses, we cut our trip short.  On our first day, we saw a carriage break under the weight of tourists and the pony went flying in the air only to be beaten by his owner.  Many of the ponies were suffering from malnutrition, dehydration, visible open wounds and swollen tongues. They looked beat down and exhausted.

We were shocked at the uncaring blasé attitude of the drivers who seemed to feel our concern was humorous.  We learned that because there is very little fresh water on the island, the horses drink a mixture of salt water, which is sickening.   When they are not shuttling tourists around, the horses work up to 18 hours a day in the unforgiving heat hauling heavy loads of stone and building supplies.  We learned that there is no vet or farrier on the island, which deprives the horses of the most minimum of care. These are PONIES and they are not strong enough to pull these extreme weights.

Every tourist we spoke with felt as we do — that it should be an embarrassment to the local business leaders of the Gili Islands.  But this condition has been allowed to fester for many years with no thought to fixing it.  

Please see these videos of the conditions in the GiliIslands:






We are asking for the following:

 –   Business leaders  – all the hotels – newly planned and existing – and political leaders – take this very seriously or risk losing money on their investments.  Companies that deliver goods to the island get involved in this solution.

– Work with Jakarta Animal Aid to implement the rescue and placement of all the horses in a sanctuary

-Invest in and implement the solar powered Tuk Tuks, which could transport tourists and cargo — besides being humane the carriage drivers will keep their jobs and can easily learn how to operate these vehicles.  


We, the undersigned, ask those who represent these interests to take the advice of this petition and shut the horse carriage industry down and replace it with solar powered Tuk Tuks. This is an opportunity for the Gili Islands to be the first eco friendly and cruelty free island in Indonesia and would bring lots of positive press to the islands. Tourists DO NOT want to see theses ponies suffering.

As potential tourists we take the pledge not to visit the Gili Islands or Indonesia until this issue is resolved in favor of the horses and will tell others to do the same.  There are many more humane vacation spots in the world that will get our business.


A new group of Ex Topeng Monyet led by Coky is being socialized by JAAN Team

coky 2
cokycoky 3

Dogs Are Not Food Campaign

Screen shot 2014-06-21 at 3.26.15 PM

The Petition:


VIDEO: http://youtu.be/zFP0RMpAAsA

Horse Abuse on Bali Island

horse abuse 3
horse abuse

horse abuse 2
JAAN fulfilled a police report about the neglect of stable horses in Bali. The commercial stables had left a sick and dying horse on the beach, in the full heat and without any attention put towards the horse. When a local surfer spotted the poor horse, he immediately looked for help. Help was provided by staff from ‘Bali Island horse’, a nearby stable practicing ‘natural horsemanship’ and activists from the local animal welfare group Animal Shanti who called upon the help of a professional veterinarian.
The local police station has taken notice of our complaints and made an official report about this serious case, the first ever regarding horse neglect in Bali brought to the police. JAAN has reported about the poor conditions of these horses already in November 2013 by official letter to the owner of the stables, who never bothered to respond and instead spoke abusive language through the phone when the JAAN team tried to contact her. The indonesian welfare law Kuhp 302 was also brought forward in Bali one year ago to push against the dog fights happening in the area.

Topeng Monyet Today

tm today

JAAN cares for 87 dancing monkeys in Jakarta, plus another 47 long tailed macaques which were ex-pets and 33 ex-dancing monkeys housed in the cikananga center (these were confiscated in 2011-2012 under the former governor Fauji Bowo) and another 6 ex-pet monkeys in Cikananga center; a total number of 173 long tailed macaques which JAAN now cares for!! Support JAAN_Indonesia!! – Photo below was taken when all the monkeys were handed over in October 2014

JAAN Assists with Major Confiscation

sharkfin and paradise bird 08 april 2014
sharkfins golden shop pluit april 2014
golden shop april 2014Ivory golden shop cinfiscation april 8 2014seaturtle items confiscated golden shop april 2014

On April 1, 2014 the team of the Earth island Institute visited a shop in North Jakarta after the team obtained information that the shop was selling sharkfin and other products ‘from the ocean’. The team members were shocked to learn that not only the shop was selling hundreds of sharkfins on all sizes and from all species but even seaturtle shells and other endangered animal-parts were offered for sale in this souvernir shop. Within one week, a confiscation took place by the National Police Department for environmental issues and teammembers of the Jakarta Animal Aid Network and WCS.

Total worth of confiscated items in dollars is over $ 150,000 and the items confiscated included sunbear claws, sumatran tiger tooth, ivory, hawks bill seaturtle shells, stuffed paradise birds (all critically endangered and listed on the CITES Red List), whale shark fin and other shark fins.

Dear Friends,

On April 7, 2014 police
This shop was on our list for a long time due to the sharkfin trading which occurs there in big numbers; all shark fins. The owner also was selling sharkfin on jakarta Airport which we managed to ban with bundled effort in 2012.
During the confiscation, we not only found whale shark but hundreds of other fins from unidentified species. Also other shocking wildlife parts were confiscated from sumatran tigers, sun bears, hawksbill seaturtles, ivory and much, much more.
We are very glad the national police took this case serious and conducted the raid, yet we are dissapointed about the little amount of shark fins that have been confiscated. Only the whale shark fin has been taken to the Police station for further identification, this, while most of the other fins inside the shop clearly were baby sharks. Baby sharks are protected in Indonesia since July 2012.
As the source of the shark fins is also uncertain, these could have been national marine park areas/from no-take zones we don’t agree with the little attention placed for the sharks in the Golden Shop.
We need your help by writing a letter of support for this confiscation and how you wish this case to be handled. It is the biggest confiscation in wildlife parts for the Jakarta police Department and the owner is the biggest trader in Shark fins in Jakarta. Below an example letter,
The letters can be written both in Indonesian language or English.

Example letter:

To: Head of Enviromental National Police Department, Republic of Indonesia

After learning about the successful confiscation by the Indonesian National Police at the ‘Golden Shop’ in North Jakarta in the beginning of April 2014 we wish to congratulate you and send our sdeep appreciation for this important case.
We learned your large scale operation resulted in the confisation of body parts from endangered animals. These items reached over hundreds, including whale shark (fins), whale teeth and dolphin teeth, tiger claws, bear claws, ivory, perform large-scale confiscation of the evidence such as shark fin whales ( whale shark ) , and the body parts of various other protected wildlife species such as the Sumatran Tiger , Sun Bear Elephant, Seaturtles e.o.

We are thrilled that the ranks of Indonesian Police have responded to this case seriously. The owner of the Golden Shop clearly is a large scale wildlife trader, selling body parts from animal species listed as critically endangered. We are deeply concerned about this case and will follow the legal process taken against the owner of the Golden Shop. The Indonesia law on Biodiversity (Number 5 1990) clearly states a setence of five years imprisonment and this is what we expect to be the charges as this crime cant be taken lightly.

We also are concerned about the hundreds of baby shark fins which were also found at the scene yet have not been confiscated.
Shark fin trade is increasingly prevalent in Indonesia can not be taken lightly , especially since the source of supply of shark fins are traded by Golden Shop are from unclear origin and species. We have strong suspicion that the hunting is conducted in protected marine park areas and involves other illegal aspects.

Once more we wish to exppress deep grattitude and appreiation for your valuable action in this case.

Kind regards,

Kepada Yth:
di tempat.

Dengan hormat,

Mengetahui berita keberhasilan Kepolisian Republik Indonesia menggerebek Toko Golden Shop dan melakukan penyitaan besar-besaran terhadap barang bukti berupa sirip Hiu Paus (whale shark), dan bagian tubuh berbagai jenis satwa liar dilindungi lainnya seperti Harimau Sumatera, Beruang Madu, Penyu, Gajah, dsb pada tanggal 7 april 2014, ijinkan kami pertama-tama menyatakan penghargaan mendalam bagi segenap jajaran Kepolisian Republik Indonesia.

Kami sangat gembira bahwa jajaran Kepolisian Republik Indonesia menanggapi kasus ini dengan serius. Namun, menjadi perhatian dan keprihatinan kami bahwa tidak dilakukan penyitaan terhadap sirip baby sharks, yang juga ditemukan di TKP dan sudah dinyatakan termasuk satwa yang dilindungi di Indonesia sejak bulan Juli 2012.

Perdagangan sirip hiu di Indonesia yang kian marak tidak bisa dianggap enteng, terutama bahwa sumber suplai sirip hiu yang diperdagangkan oleh Golden Shop secara ilegal tidak jelas. Kuat dugaan bahwa perburuan dilakukan di zona terlarang atau di area Taman Nasional, dan ini sangat mencancam kelestarian eksosistem dan kekayaan alam Indonesia.

Karena itu, kami menyatakan dukungan penuh kepada segenap jajaran Kepolisian RI untuk segera:
1. Menyita barang bukti berupa sirip Baby Sharks dari Golden Shop untuk diidentifikasi lebih lanjut.

2. Melakukan penyelidikan mendalam mengenai asal-usul sirip hiu yang diperjualbelikan secara ilegal.
3. Mengambil tindakan tegas yang diperlukan terhadap pelaku atas perbuatan melanggar hukum yang dilakukannya sesuai dengan hukum yang berlaku di Negara Kesatuan Republik Indonesia.
4. Mengambil langkah-langkah yang diperlukan untuk mencegah pelanggaran hukum berat terhadap kelestarian satwa dan alam terjadi lagi di Indonesia dengan penegakan hukum dan perkuatan hukum perlindungan kelestarian satwa dan alam di Indonesia.
5. Bersinergi dengan LSM-LSM pemerhati kesejahteraan dan perlindungan satwa di Indonesia dalam hal penanganan kasus perdagangan satwa liar dilindungi, bisa berupa pembentukan Komnas Perlindungan Satwa maupun edukasi publik mengenai hukum perlindungan satwa.

Atas perhatian dan kerjasamanya kami ucapkan terimakasih.

Kotok Island News

island news
island news 1

island news 3

island news2

End February JAAN released one brahminy kite succesfully back in to the wild. The bird was confiscated in 2012 from ‘kelapa island’ where fishermen had the bird chained after fetching from the nest at another nearby island.
Fortunately the news spreaded soon about the kite as most local people within the Thousand Islands region are aware of the program at Kotok Island run by JAAN and reported to JAAN.
The Brahminy Kite and White Bellied Sea Eagle rehabilitation programs started in 2004 and is managed and funded solely by JAAN. Besides the rehabilitation of raptors, JAAN also protects sea-turtles, the coral reef, and runs awareness activities at local schools on the nearby islands. JAAN also started a recycle workshop at Pramuka island where plastics are re-used and turned in to useable and nice items for the local people to sell. This is an effort to help reduce the amount of rubbish on the white pristine beaches around the islands and provide an income for local people. Fifteen people now work fulltime in the workshop, completely independent.
Other activities also take place here, like the sterilization of stray cats which JAAN has been doing since 2009 on Pramuka and Panggang island and this year in Tidung Island as well. Sterilizations of the stray cats here is effective as the cats live on an island and so the results are clearly visible; the population of cats become healthier and not out of control.
A Big storm has hit Kotok island and destroyed our pre-release cage, also our harbor. Therefore the team is now very busy trying to fix the damage and funds are badly needed to rebuilt the seapen; a very important step in the rehabilitation process of the raptors. This cage is where they learn how to catch their own fish straight from the sea and is therefore the last stage in rehabilitation.

JAAN has successfully rehabilitated 67 Brahminy kites back in to the Thousand Islands Region and 7 white bellied sea eagles. At present, JAAN cares for 36 birds on Kotok Island.


Dipublikasikan pada 23 Mar 2014

Introduksi tentang program perlindungan dan rehabilitasi Burung Elang Bondol dan Elang Laut di Kepulauan Seribu

The Amazing Sanctuary at Kotok


sanctuary 2

Mirjan was rescued end 2012 from a fishermen who had 2 weeks before captured Mirjan and ‘Mirjam’ from a nest in the northern part of Pulau Seribu. The JAAN team found them chained at the fishermen’s house in ‘Kelapa island’. Mirjan has undergone all steps of rehabilitation succesfully and was released in February 20

About Whaley

whaley hands @ Kotok January 2014
whaley Okt 2012
Whaley is a young spermwhale male who stranded in July 2012 due to sesmic testing happening in the region. This has been confirmed by the persons on the boat conducting the sesmic tests as their sonar had ‘bounced in to something’ and for a few minutes, they obtained a ‘flat signal'; this was when their sonar had reached and disturbed ‘Whaley’ who then swam up in panic. This leaded to a rupture of his longs, confirmed later by the team from LIPI who carefully and with full patience and professionalism has been placing all whaley’s bones together on Kotok Island during November 2013.

Surely all these details were unknown by the team of volunteers who worked full dedication to return Whaley back to sea.
Sadly Whaley lost his life after a three day rescue mission. On day 3, the team, strenghtened by tens of volunteers amongst them many divers, succeeded to bring Whaley in the deep sea and whaley swam away. He even made a deep sound before disappeared in to the deep blue, when rescuer Pinneng cut the last rope of his tail, which freed him completely. Yet the following day, sadly, Whaley was found dead, floating in the sea.
Whaley was pulled to Kotok Island, JAAN’s basecamp where he was sank to the bottom of the ocean, as to provide him a respectful funeral and as this is important for the marine eco system. Yet within 3 months, all which remained were his bones and it was decided these were best taken ashore, where Whaley now can be visited. ‘Whaley’ ‘s case has leaded to a National Protocol on Stranded marine mammals which has been officially accepted in 2013 by the Ministry of Fisheries. ‘Whaley’ has also brought many people together, all dedicated to save marine life. Whaley can be visited on JAAN’ raptor rehabilitation program in Kotok Timur island, through appointment and for educational purposes only.

Former Topeng Monyet now enjoy being together !


JAAN is feeding and socializing all the Topeng Monyet that were rescued from the streets of Jakarta thanks to Gov Jokowi. We need help to feed them and secure a safe location for their release. Please donate for this important cause !

The ongoing storms have also hit JAAN’s basecamp at kotok island. The raptor program located in the thousand islands is in need of desperate renovation as its harbor has been destroyed by the extreme weather. Please help JAAN by donating a sack of concrete. We need 100 sacs in total !!



Gili Trawangan

Lumba2 JAAN flat without KSDA

JAAN Helps Horses and Cats on Gili Island

gili 2

gili 2













The Veterinary Open Free Clinic for carriage horses in Gili trawangan has started today. Three ferriers, five veterinarians are working daily to treat the horses. Also a sterilization drive has started for stray cats with a team strenghthened by four veterinarians and three vet nurses. The group’s goal is to sterilize 300 stray cats on the islands. This project is organized twice yearly in collaboration and with the support of the Gili Eco Trust.

Help JAAN Get Monkey Island

Screen shot 2014-01-10 at 5.11.49 PM

Happy New Year 2014

banner 2013

JAAN is Feeding almost 200 Ex Topeng Monyet Daily !


Pasar Minggu-20131129-01794hari senin kandang siap dihuni


Pasar Minggu-20131130-01796sarapan pagi







JAAN team has been working hard to make new enclosures so that the ex topeng monyet we are caring for can move from the small cages in which they are quarantined. Please help us feed these monkeys !!

Hari Keselamatan by Alberthiene Endah

Oleh : Alberthiene Endah
Kami tak pernah bermimpi tentang hari itu….
Ketika kaki kurus kami terjerat dan tubuh kami terjerembab
Hari itu awal dari penderitaan panjang
Jeruji besi memisahkan kami dari dunia, dari dahan pohon

Kami tak pernah bermimpi tentang hari itu….
Mereka melakukan apa saja, apa saja, apa saja….
Rasa sakit menjalari tubuh kami
Lutut kami sengsara, kami harus berdiri

Kami tak pernah bermimpi tentang hari itu….
Tak ada lagi dahan pohon tempat kami berlarian
Tak ada alam bebas tempat kami berteriak
Dunia kami adalah aspal panas

Kami tak pernah bermimpi tentang hari itu….
Topeng pengap membekap wajah kami
Rantai kasar menyakiti leher kami
Telapak kami telanjang menerjang aspal

Orang-orang menyebut kami topeng monyet
Kami menyebutnya neraka

Lalu kau datang Pak Jokowi
Kami tak pernah bermimpi tentang hari ini
Bahwa kami akan mengenal kata merdeka
Bahwa sakit kami akan terakhiri

Terimakasih Pak Jokowi
Satu keputusan indahmu, sejuta keselamatan bagi kami….
Alam akan memantulkan doa kebaikan untuk hari keselamatan ini

JAAN Rescues Pig-tailed Macaque from cemetary


beruk 2

Yesterday ( 18 Nov. 13 ) our team went out to rescue a beruk.
The owner of this handsome beruk passed away a while ago and ever since this poor guy has not been cared for. The family of the owner who passed away live far away and were only able to feed him during the weekend. On top of that the beruk had no shelter and was exposed to the hot sun and rain 24/7.
He was tied up against a tree on a cemetery…
Thankfully we got the report about him and thankfully IAR will be able to take him where he will be rehabilitated and eventually will be released back into the wild at a save release sight.

Update on Topeng Monyet

tm update

JAAN is now caring for many ex topeng monyet (masked monkeys). We are building new cages and providing food and medical care daily. We have been campaigning since 2009 to end Topeng Monyet and its finally becoming a reality- Eventhough you won’t see the monkeys on the streets of Jakarta anymore they all need long term care- please help JAAN help these monkeys ! Donate today via bank transfer !

JAAN meets Jokowi Tuesday as he makes a surprise inspection of the confiscated x topeng monyet !

jok visit dinas

JAAN Rescues Tiger and other protected animals along with ASTI and Govt officials

tiger 8tiger 1tigertiger 4tiger 7tiger 12tiger 5tiger 6tiger 3

HELP JAAN Buy a Release Site for the X Topeng Monyet !

JAAN needs to raise enough money to buy an island where we can release former Topeng Monyet that have been saved from torture on Jakarta’s streets. At the Cikananga Rescue Center we have 40 monkeys already socialized awaiting a release site. Governor Jokowi has orderd the ban on Topeng Monyet to start now so JAAN has received almost 60 monkeys in the past week- they need food and medicine ! These monkeys will need to be moved from Jakarta to the rescue center for rehabilitation but they can’t move until the 40 that are ready for release are moved out ! Please help us secure a release site!

News from Cikananga – Pram’s Story

pram now


TM Pram

On the 7th of April 2012 Pram arrived in our rescue centre. Very skinny, dehydrated, but also very active and inpatient. His way of showing something is going not fast enough is by grabbing the fence and jumping up and down…what is also a stereotypical behaviour.
You could immediately see he had a very powerful character and is a very smart monkey.
As all the monkeys have to go ito quarantine, so did Pram. His tb test was done twice and negative, and then the bad thing happened, the third test was suspect. This means not positive but also not negative…So we had to Isolate him from all other monkeys what was boring for him.
Now 10 months later, 3 x rays send over the world and a very special test done by Stichting AAP in Holland and a TBC culture test in Indonesia we can finally say Pram is negative on TBC and has been moved to the Socialisation cage.
He reacted really cool and easy, as we were all sooooooooooo excited to finally show him the outside enclosure. His response to all the monkeys was great and he is now next to the group of Nyong where he will be introduced next week. The contact is already very positive and he already has one good friend Maggy to share his cage with.

Every day again we are so happy about this positive outcome and that he can finally be part of the monkey family.

Jokowi Helps End Topeng Monyet- Almost 60 rescued so far !

Please help JAAN feed these monkeys and do their TB tests ! Please donate to Bank Mandiri or BCA !
jokowi helps

tm stuff

JOKOWI follows through on his promise- Jakarta will be free from Topeng Monyet !

jokowi save


Governor Jokowi met with city officials to re-start immediate confiscations for Topeng Moneyt from Jakarta’s streeets.  This news is being covered in all the Indonesian news media – newspapers and radio stations as well as The Jakarta Post and The Jakarta Globe.  Please see JAAN Facebook for current photos and the latest on this breaking news!!

JAAN Protests Against Traveling Dolphin Circuses


aksi 2

aksi 4

aksi 5

On thursday, Oct 10, JAAN organized a peaceful protest at HI asking the Minister of Forestry to please uphold his promise to shut down the traveling dolphin shows !

Tour of Raptor Rehabilitation Program on Kotok Island

Screen shot 2013-09-22 at 11.40.34 AM
East Kotok Island (Pulau Kotok Timur) is one of the Thousand Islands and enjoys designated protected status. At East Kotok Island we run Conservation and Rehabilitation programs and run nature conservation awareness activities, organic gardening with natural fertilizers and reef check. At East Kotok Island you can experience the mysteries of the undersea world by joining our diving or snorkeling expeditions.
East Kotok has magnificent views and spectacular sunrises and sunsets. The Island is located by boat at about 1.5 hours from Marina Ancol in North Jakarta.

Kotok Island offers a great dive experience
Romantic sunset view

• Boat transportation Marina Ancol-Kotok Timur, return
• Meals
• Bungalows (1 room for 3- 4 people)
• Guide
• Your donation
• Private expenses (diving / snorkeling trip)
• Towels
• You can bring own drinks/ snacks (Own cool box)
• Boat departs from Marina Ancol at 8:00 am (Pier 15)
• Boat leaves from Kotok Timur 15:30 (arrives Ancol 17:00)
• Bring sunscreen and insect repellent!
• Presentation about the rehabilitation efforts
• Presentation about the Natural Fertilizer and waste management program
• Presentation about the Undersea World
• Snorkeling or Diving (Must reserve first)
The total Trip Price includes your donation to the Raptor Rehabilitation Program

Please email info@jakartaanimalaid.com for prices and booking.

JAAN Assists with Major Wildlife Confiscation

confis 2
confisc 3
Yesterday JAAN, COP and the local police had 1 of the biggest confiscations in middle Java where they managed to confiscate 77 animals and only 7 of the 77 were not protected-so 70 protected animals ready to be sold! JAAN and COP have investigated these traders for a long time now and the person caught yesterday with these 77 animals is linked to other traders under investigation in Solo and Tangerang.Thankfully the local police has been very supportive and cooperative and yesterday after JAAN, COP and the police had a meeting they went to the location to arrest the trader and confiscate the animals. JAAN has relocated the animals to Yayasan Konsrvasi Yogjakarta for the time being. As you can see in the pictures, the mini van was stacked with animals on their way to be sold. JAAN is very motivated to continue to investigate and to try to put a stop to the illigal animal trade! YOU can help by NEVER buying wildlife from a market, streets or any where, even if you feel really sorry for them, buying an animal means that you are contributing to keep this nasty business running. Thank you to the local police for their assistance, thank you to COP for the great collaboration and of course our wildlife team Benvika Iben , Sudarno Brutal and Hari Puri for a job well done!

Worlds Last Dolphin Travel Show is still up and running despite promises from the Minister of Forestry

dol In 2009 one phone call at the office of Jakarta Animal Aid Network opened up a long and intensive campaign against world’s last dolphin traveling show. The person calling was concerned about the poor conditions of the dolphins inside a ‘dolphin traveling circus’ and witnessed one dolphin dying during the show. Since that time JAAN started to campaign on all levels to try and halt this cruelty and groups, students and also Indonesian public figures started actively to speak out against these traveling shows, which all condemned as cruel. In February 2013 the minister of forestry, Zulkifli Hasan, made a public statement that dolphin travelshows are illegal yet the circuses continued to operate. On August 19th all the businesses running dolphin shows in Indonesia had to undersign a paper stating that they would no longer operate any traveling show. Surely the next step should be to rehabilitate and release the dolphins back to freedom. Lawyer Hotman Paris has offered to provide legal assistance for this purpose and support JAAN to end the ongoing intimidations by the circus owners towards JAAN activists and to uphold its MOU signed with the Indonesian Forestry department in 2010 concerning the protection, rehabilitation and release of dolphins. Rehabilitation facilities for the dolphins have been built with the financial support of the Earth Island Institute and under the supervision of worldfamous dolphin rescuer Richard O’Barry, but until today the world’s largest and permanent facility has remained empty. It is time Indonesia follows the footsteps of many other countries like India an Korea; ban dolphinshows and release captive dolphins.

For more information please contact; Femke den Haas. +6281314962608
Pramudya Harzani +6281311113412

JAAN Needs a Release Site for the Topeng Monyet that are ready to live in the wild!

Screen shot 2013-08-27 at 10.06.01 AM
Saving Jakarta’s Dancing Monkeys – Project Summary
The goal of the project is to ensure the implementation of enhanced welfare standards for Indonesian primates, with an initial focus on ending the exploitation of long tailed macaques (macaca fascicularis) in the Jakarta region.

The project has an initial focus on the “Topeng Monyet”, or Dancing Monkeys. This is a particularly cruel practice where juvenile macaques are forced to perform (dance, ride bikes) in the crowded and busy streets of Jakarta. An illegal trade in wild macaques has built up around the phenomena known as “Topeng Monyet”.

JAAN observed a worrying increase in the use of these monkeys on Jakarta streets since 2009 and has started to campaign against this abuse ever since.
Project Background and Problem Definition
Each year, thousands of long tailed macaques are bred and captured from the wild for sale in Jakarta where they face a life of exploitation and cruelty. There are three main fates awaiting macaques: the pet market (including “Topeng Money”), research (export) and food (Indonesian based Chinese restaurants).

Over recent years JAAN has actively campaigned and lobbied to end the exploitation of macaques in Indonesia, in particular those macaques used for the cruel “Topeng Monyet” trade.

Young macaques are caught from the forests by poachers and sold (the price straight from the trapper is Rp 25.000 or US$2). In Jakarta, for Rp. 70,000 (US$7) a young macaque can be purchased. Macaques are sold in pet shops, bird markets and in front of shopping malls by street vendors. The baby macaques attract people because they look cute and are cheap to purchase.

The macaques can be seen kept on short chains, on the street and often in front of the owner’s house. While growing up to adulthood, the chain often grows into the skin, leading to horrific infections and tetanus. Macaques are highly social creatures and in need of social contact. Macaques also form potential health hazards in urban areas due to the likeliness of disease transfer.

As a species listed under CITES appendix 2, macaques should be traded with permits only. Even local traders should obtain a permit from the forestry department. In Indonesia, Macaques are trapped, sold and kept without any permits. In Jakarta alone, we encounter many cases yearly where macaques have escaped from their chains and our team is called to capture and relocate the primate.

Therefore JAAN campaigns ongoing for a total ban to keeping primates as pets in public area. The new regulation formed by governor Jokowi which will prohibit to keep primates in public areas is a very big step towards primate protection and general animal welfare in Indonesia and will end the cruelty now inflicted on thousands of monkeys captured from the wild to be exploited on Jakarta’s busy streets.

JAAN recognizes the need to work in partnership with the people of Jakarta and relevant authorities to ensure long-term sustainable outcomes.

What have we accomplished so far?

JAAN took the following steps:

1. Investigation in the industry called ‘Topeng Monyet’ in DKI Jakarta (2009)
2. Meetings with local government (2009, 2010, 2011)
3. Campaign (demonstrations) 2010, 2011)
4. Confiscations of Dancing Monkeys (2011, 2012)
5. Construct facilities and a caretaking team for confiscated monkeys (2011)
6. Organize a workshop for police officials and local government officials, leaded by Indonesia’s veterinary association and JAAN to explain the existing laws we can use to tackle Topeng Monyet (2011)
7. Trainings for government officials in the handling of primates (2012)
8. Coordinate with local Government under the management of Governor Jokowi (2012, 2013); provide a draft for a local regulation to prohibit dancing monkeys
9. Obtain approval for a law to prohibit Topeng Monyet and any placement of primates in public by private owners which will come to force in 2014.

How did we take these steps?

In 2009, JAAN investigated the Topeng Monyet ‘industry’; Where were they captured originally, where were they kept in Jakarta, who owned the monkeys, who trained the monkeys. It turned out that the increase of the use of dancing monkeys in Jakarta’ streets could be blamed to three big ‘monkey bosses’ who rent out the monkeys to street children. The children have to pay per day an amount to the boss (30,000 until 50,000 Rupiah) and any money they make above this amount is for them. The children develop a debt with the bosses and therefore after a short while are forced to ‘work for free’. This encouraged our team even more to take action as not only the monkeys are being exploited, the children involved clearly are, too.
Secondly another disturbing fact we found was that the monkeys are kept under extreme cruel conditions, chained in small, dark cages and the training of the monkeys, which we witnessed and documented as well, is based on pain and hunger. The video can be found on the JAAN website or rtsp://v8.cache7.c.youtube.com/CjYLENy73wIaLQn3wCwgMANJzBMYESARFEIJbXYtZ29vZ2xlSARSBXdhdGNoYN635qmVmr-zUQw=/0/0/0/video.3gp

for those who wish to learn more about this training process and can stand watching this footage. Here you see training methods such as the monkeys’ feet and hands are tied together to ‘teach’ the monkey to stand up straight. A small stone is placed under the feet of the monkey and the monkey steps from the stone the chain around its neck will choke her/him.
The monkeys’ canine teeth are pulled out with pliers, leaving the monkeys not only in severe pain but also infections.

When JAAN concluded all the evidence needed about the ‘Topeng Monyet industry’ in Jakarta, JAAN held meetings with the local government Pemda DKI, attended by all parties that should be involved, including the Forestry Department and officials from Jakarta’s health department. This, because there is a big public health risk too, by allowing the monkeys interact with people on Jakarta’s streets. Primates carry diseases that can be transferred to humans and vice-versa, therefore primates bring a risk to public health when openly exposed to humans in public areas.

Since macaques are still not protected in Indonesia, the forestry department was un-cooperative and uninterested to follow up on our requests to ban Topeng Monyet. The process of catching the baby monkeys from the wild is in fact illegal but legal action has never been undertaken by the forestry department against the capture of long-tailed macaques from Javanese and Sumatran forests. The local government and agriculture department were more interested in the ban and JAAN continued to have meetings with them throughout 2010, while striving to get to Governor Fauji Bowo, as a ban to Topeng Monyet in Jakarta would be the most realistic goal of our efforts. After many un-replied letters, JAAN finally was able to obtain a statement in public by DKI Jakarta’s Fauji Bowo in 2011 that Topeng Monyet should be banned in Jakarta and JAAN could count on help from the local government to confiscate monkeys from Jakarta’s streets.

Then JAAN organized a workshop for local police and government officials about the existing animal welfare law and other laws that can be used to tackle the Topeng Monyet industry. This workshop proved very succesfull as after this workshop , throughout 2011 and 2012 JAAN confiscated 40 Dancing Monkeys in the area of South Jakarta with the assistance and cooperation of local government officials and police.
The monkey owners were given a warning only and set free; the monkeys and all attributes were seized.

The confiscated monkeys go through quarantine after which they are socialized in specially build socialization cages. The socialization of the monkeys is a hard and long process, especially because we deal with very badly traumatized animals. The team working with the rescued macaques therefore are people experienced with the handling and the behavior of macaques.

20 percent of all the monkeys we confiscated and cared for proved to be positive to Tuberculosis and even Hepatitis and Leptospirosis was found in two individuals. This high rate of monkeys carrying dangerous diseases shows the dangerous ‘side effect’ of “Topeng Monyet’; spreading diseases. Probably the monkeys obtain the diseases from the people first after which they spread it to the public. So any child coming nearby the dancing monkeys, looking at it because its supposed to be ‘fun’ to watch, is not only exposed to a very bad form of education (that its ok to inflict pain on other beings) but also to various very dangerous and even deadly diseases.

Screen shot 2013-08-27 at 10.06.17 AM
Now, JAAN is striving to obtain a safe release site for the rescued monkeys under our care; we are in need of an island, just as our formed rescued monkeys have been released to; this to enable our team to continuously monitor their condition and health and also to avoid people from re-capturing them. All primates will be sterilized prior release, this to avoid over-population on the island. We wish to provide the rescued monkeys a happy life of freedom in natural surroundings, that’s all. We need to create a new, safe release site to enable us to care for the monkeys that will be handed over to us when the confiscations restart early next year. Only by obtaining a perfect island for the monkeys we create a real solution and we can fully state that the program has succeeded. JAAN therefore seeks sponsorship to obtain the island we wish to use for this purpose. A suitable island, sized 20 hectares covered with primary and secondary forest has already been found. Yet sponsorship is what we seek!
After Jakarta obtained a new governor, Mr Jokowi, the confiscations ended and JAAN had to start meeting again with the local government to discuss the ‘Topeng Monyet’ in Jakarta. Now, JAAN was able to show more data and proof about the health risks the monkeys bring and Governor Jokowi showed committed to put an end to Topeng Monyet in Jakarta, forever. But he demanded that our veterinary team together with the veterinary team from the agriculture department would visit all locations where the monkeys are kept to explain about the new upcoming law and give all the people involved with Topeng Monyet a chance to find an alternative.

The teams will also offer free medical check ups for the people involved with Topeng Monyet as the risk of these people carrying diseases is very high.

By the time the tour has finished, the new law should be undersigned by Governor Jokowi and we should see a total end to the use of Topeng Monyet by the year 2014.

You can help by:
1. Sending us information when you see a Topeng Monyet on Jakarta’s streets (location, date, time and if possible also a picture of the monkey and handler would be very helpful)
2. Help distribute the newly printed leaflets to the monkey handlers; this leaflet in the form of a cartoon explains that a new law will be enacted in 2014 and who the monkey handlers can contact for more information
3. Support JAAN financially
4. If you live outside Jakarta and see ‘Topeng Monyet’ please also report this to us. For now, we can focuss on DKI Jakarta only. We are a small team with limited resources. But its important we have this data.
5. If you live outside Jakarta and want to stop Topeng Monyet in your area, then use our work as an example; follow the same steps and use the newly formed regulation in Jakarta to convince your local government why Topeng Monyet should be banned. Let the success in Jakarta serve as an example, other cities should follow. We know that Bogor and Banding now also deal with a ‘Topeng Monyet Industry’. Organizations or individuals working in those areas could certainly try to do the same and don’t hesitate to contact us, we will support as much as we can!

Alongside JAAN’s network of volunteers, JAAN works in partnership with:
1. Indonesian Agriculture Department;
2. Indonesian Central Forestry Department;
3. Indonesian Veterinary Association
4. Cikananga wildlife center
5. Stichting AAP
The rescue of the monkeys would not have been able without the help and support of the parties named above. JAAN also wishes to thank all the people and organization that sent letters of support and the many online petitions all demanding to ‘halt Topeng Monyet’.
Also big thank you to all the JAAN members as your support makes our work to help animals possible. Very big thanks to Patrick Rouxel whose detailed film named; ‘The Topeng Monyet’ has been extremely helpful in explaining the issue to the public and has over 60,000 hits so far!
Media exposure about the program has been also been ongoing both in national and international newspapers, magazines and even international television like the NOS (dutch headline news), dutch national radio e.o.
And last but not least, thank you JAAN team for the hardwork and dedication!

Dog Training for JAAN



We have some wonderful news because we have a new JAAN fam member who happens to be a professional dogtrainer!! Bernadette will be in Jakarta for 2 years and has lots and lots of experience training dogs! When Bernadette was still living in the USA, she also volunteered for many animal rescues helping them with difficult dogs!

Bernadette will help by training us so we will be able to train our dogs to become more adoptable . We will also have regular updates on our training activities as well as tips from Bernadette about training!

We are all aware of the importance of training and hope that we can encourage others ( especially those who adopt from us) to realize that as well and to be commited to be a responsible pet owner!


JAAN Team was in Kalimantan with COP Rescuing Orangutan- victims of Palm Oil plantations

rescue orang

Sadly only one Orangutan was rescued during this mission. Palm Oil kills Indonesia’s national treasure !

Paw Day Success !!!

Sunday May 5th JAAN held its 4th annual PAWDAY Charity Event at Taman Langsat and it was a great success!!
Visitors started arriving at 07.15 and throughout the morning we had hundreds of visitors with their dogs!!! Thank you all for coming and for supporting animal welfare!!! We had a wonderful time and hope you and your dog had a great time too!!
We would like to thank Bp Raden for coming today and for sharing one of his stories with us!! It was an honour that you could attend and we appreciate your support for animal welfare very much!!
A BIG BIG THANK YOU for our main sponsor BLUEBIRD who has been very supportive of our work the past years!!
Also a BIG THANK YOU to SANTA FE who has also been very supportive of JAAN the past years!
Bogdan, thank you as always-you are the best!! JakPetz, Woofer,Alpo,Proplan and all the othe vendors : THANK YOU!!
THANK YOU INTERTEK for the super cool raffle prize : SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 2!! And for the bags ( for the goodie bags) 


We have taken many many pictures and will continue to upload pictures this week so watch out for them!!





Former Topeng Monyet- free from torture

A group of former topeng monyet enjoy a nap together at Cikananga after being rescued from the streets of Jakarta by JAAN.   No longer subjected to beatings and starvation- these monkeys are now exhibiting normal monkey behavior.  Many thanks to Josha R  and Willi E for their amazing work at Cikananga and thanks also to the keepers and volunteers that care for these macaques.  JAAN now has 39 former topeng monyet at Cikananga and is looking for a release site for them where they can finally live in their natural habitat.  An uninhabited island would be best.  There are islands available- we just need a sponsor !  How about you or your company ??

Help ! JAAN now has so many dogs waiting for foster or adoption !!

ziggy, puri, nina, farrow, amigo, dodger, bandit, mia, luna, lizzy,  millie, nino, nero   the list goes on…


We can’t help any new emergency cases until some of these dogs are fostered or adopted!  We get calls and emails everyday about dogs in distress but unfortunately we can’t help them because we have no more room at JAAN.  Can you become a foster or adopter??  please email info@jakartaanimalaid.com

UPDATE on our Monkeys at Cikananga

Monkey Family Update

It’s time for a new update about our monkey families at the rescue centre.

It would be great if we had hidden cameras so you could follow all the ins and out of these amazing creatures….it’s always busy and never boring to watch them.

Today I will tell you about the group of Nyong, his gang of 15 monkeys and the new introduction of our little difficult male Oni to this group.


Nyong is still the very friendly, correct and easy going alpha male, and I guess he will always be. A natural born alpha male.

The entire group has a lot of respect for him and will accept anything. He has now 6 young adult males, 4 adult females and 2 young females and  young males.

Ningsi is the last female introduced and she is fully accepted now. It took a while because she is a very insecure female and very shy as well. With a group of 14 macaques, you need to take your time to get used to it. And she did. From the beginning she was big friends with Mogly, a young male, who really stood up for her, and she had Nyong as protection as well which made her safe in the group. In the beginning she showed a lot of stress behavior, pulling out her hair, waving. But that is all gone now. Great success.


And now Oni is the next one to be introduced. Oni has always been very impatient with everything. A little frustrated, but all coming from being insecure. He s actually just really scared of anything and sometimes acts differently than expected. He once attacked an alpha male, not very clever….so he could not be in that group anymore. The alpha male did not forgive him.

Now he has been next to the group of Nyong for 3 weeks and he really enjoyed this. Grooming through the fence, playing, met the group members and 99% positive interaction.

Last he met Nyong in the same cage and everything went well. Although Oni is still scared, and runs away, Nyong is very friendly and likes him. Oni approaches Nyong all the time and tries to touch him, and then runs away. But Nyong is ok with this and a lot of grooming has been there in the past week. Once Onet, another male monkey in the group made a problem from the other cage, and Nyong wanted to warn Oni not to react. This did not work as Oni started screaming and running and Nyong got really angry. We had to separate them again, and when we did Oni felt supported by us…and started to threaten Nyong through the fence…not very clever. But the next day everything was fine and Nyong and he were grooming again.


In the next weeks we will introduce him to more and more group members and hopefully in a couple of weeks I can inform you about a successful introduction with our grumpy Oni.


Salamat Malam from the JAAN team and the monkeys

Education Is The Key To A Brighter Future!

Updated about an hour ago
Yesterday JAAN had some young visitors at our center! A group of children from the neighborhood had been so curious to see what is behind our gates. Drh Dani gave them a tour and introduced them to our dogs and other animals at our center. So nice to see that when they first came they were so scared , but at the end they were interacting with the dogs and touching them. How a child can have a different way of looking at things, in this case animals, only in half hour!

Education is SO important! Teaching children to appreciate and respect other living creatures teaches them to be responsible and caring adults!

Slow Lorises Released into “the wild” at JAAN !


Although JAAN does not have a formal Slow Loris program it has been impossible for us to stand by and watch these poor, shy creatures being sold on the side of Jakarta streets.  We have rescued some and a few others have been brought to us.  We decided to build them a really nice enclosure so that they could live in the trees and forage for insects.  Student volunteers from JIS  had the privilege of taking the Slow Lorises out of their cages and releasing them into “the wild”


Tiny Lucy – Adopted

NAME : Lucy

AGE: app. 1.5 yrs

BREED: mixed minpin

SIZE: small




HOUSE TRAINED: in progress


STERILIZED/VACCINATED : sterilized not yet, vaccinated already

GENERAL PERSONALITY : Lucy is a real sweetheart and has a cheerful personality



JAAN got a report from someone that there was a very scared and small sized stray in an empty office area. We were unable to rescue her just like that because she was very scared so we had to sedate her. After 1 day at our office she realized that she had nothing to be afraid of and scared Lucy turned into jolly Lucy!!




In general Lucy is easy going and would make a very nice and loving pet. Your front gate/fence should be very secure though and there should be no possibilities for her to escape.She is tiny and fits through small/narrow gates. The first couple of days at our office she was insecure and tried to wander off, ones settled she is fine. Lucy should be kept indoor as part of the family.



Our adoption procedure is as follows: e-mail us, fill out our adoption form, we will do a home survey. Please keep in mind that whether you adopt a puppy, young dog or old dog, training is a must and you need to realize that the first couple of weeks you will need to train the dog you adopt and give it time to settle. We also want you to keep in mind that dogs should be part of your family so we are looking for a FOREVER home and a family who has enough time for the dog. Putting a dog just in your garage or garden will be very lonely for the dog…Remember that dogs are social animals and they need to interact frequently.

For adoption please e-mail us : jaan_adopt@yahoo.com or info@jakartaanimalaid.com


Lucy’s story before:

Last week JAAN got a report through FB from Ardy about a very skinny and scared stray in an area behind Cijantung Mall. The next day JAAN went out to look for the dog but couldnt find her. Yesterday afternoon Ardy showed us the location, and since it was impossible to catch the dog just like that. She needed to be sedated but now she is at our office, still very scared. She will have a throrough check up today and updates will follow soon. jaan_adopt@yahoo.com

Monkey Update!!

Monkey Update group Nyong

It has been a while, but here we are with the latest ins and outs around our monkeys.

Today I will update you about Nyongs group, that already has 16 members.

The last 2 females introduced are Kis Kis and Ningsi. Kis Kis was more easy, as she is a bit bigger and more strong then Ningsi. Kis Kis would come up for herself instead of running away.

Nyong, the alpha male is very easy and likes any new macaque we introduce to him. Some of them he really fancies, others he is ok with.

He did not fall in love with Kis Kis, but she managed work herself into the group. She just waited for contact and did not run away or got scared. This was why she was easily accepted.

Ningsi was very strong bonded with Nyong so when we introduced her to the other members, she had al his protection. The other females where very annoyed by that but did not get the chance to be mean to her, because Nyong would let them know they were not allowed.

Ningsi is a very stressed monkey, she showed a lot of stereotypical behaviour when she arrived. It all ready decreased a lot, but in new situations she would fall back into old patrons. We saw this during her introduction but now after she is fully accepted she is doing much better. Many of the young ones like her, but she doesn’t know what to do yet, and gets nervous when they jump around her. But she is learning every day a bit more. Before I moved her to the big group she was in a sub group with Rizky, Rico and Susan for a couple of weeks where she learned some social skills she can use now in the group.

I think within a week she will be completely fine and relaxed. She already snuggles up in the night with the others, so only working on the day time.


We are proud of our group of 16, as macaques can be very difficult to introduce to each other and the more you have in a group, the more troubles you get. But by doing daily observations we get to know their characters so well, so we know witch monkey would be good for witch group.


The group is very healthy and playful and the swimming pool is still their favourite attraction. On a daily base they have there swimming, jumping, playing hours where the run around, swing in tires and dive into the pool. Its hilarious to watch them.

It’s a bit colder up here in the mountains, so they wait till the sun is very bright so they can dry in a row after their pool party’s.


This week Oni, our little bit difficult male monkey will be introduced to the group. We think Nyong might be friendly enough to take this inpatient little guy under his wings.


We will keep you updated.



Bye for now from our little monkey faces!






Since the flooding JAAN’s new center is housing many dogs that need adoption !  We have Zuki, Rihanna, Tofu, Simon, Ziggy, Buddy, Lassi, Puri, Keagan, Puggy, Hitam and Putih, Nina, Archie, Farrow…the list goes on !!

Please consider adopting one of these very sweet dogs- all are sterilized and vaccinated and all of them LOVE people !

Email info@jakartaanimalaid.com for details !

Thank you Purina for donating dog and cat food for the animal flood victims !

Animal Flood Victims- JAAN Rescue Operations

JAAN team is helping rescue animals that are stranded in flooded areas of Jakarta.  Although sadly many animals have already drowned because they were chained or caged, there are many more dogs, cats monkeys, birds etc  waiting for evacuation from these areas.  We desperately need foster homes for the dogs and cats, dog and cat food, and cash donations to help with the rescue operations.   People affected by the flood feel relieved and less traumatized if they know their beloved pets are safe too.  Please help JAAN help the animal flood victims !  Email info@jakartaanimalaid.com for info on how you can help.  Bank info for donations:


Acc Name : Jaringan Bantuan Satwa Jakarta
Acc Number : 127 000 519 761 9
Bank Name : Bank Mandiri

For  BCA- please deposit to Account number: 0712136241   Name: SundariPlease make sure to put your name so we know who to thank !

Update on Baron !

Baron is now living in Cikananga in a specially made handicapped cage.  He is regaining his balance and learning to walk again.  Thank to all who donated for Baron’s medical care.  It has been a long road for Baron but he is a fighter !




* Warning * Very Sad Pictures included

Do you remember 2 weeks ago when a monkey was on the loose in Palmerah? :


Baron was a pet monkey that was living a sad life on a chain until one day he managed to escape.His escape caused for a lot of commotion in the neighborhood and suddenly the entire neighborhood was on his back trying to catch him.
Being highly stressed scared and frustrated, he bit several people in the process. Lots of people, police, media etc all gathered at the location trying to either catch him or to get a glimpse of the drama that was going on.
Baron was shot in the head, thigh and body. Ones caught, he was beaten badly.
Baron was brought to Dinas Perternakan to be observed for 2 weeks to make sure he has no rabies. Thankfully JAAN was contacted by Dinas Perternakanand they asked if JAAN could provide care and treatment for Baron.
Baron is in bad shape. He is badly dehydrated, malnourished (has not eaten for the past 2 weeks!!), infected wounds and possibly tetanus,he is in severe pain due to the beatings and the bullets that are still stuck in his head and body.
Our JAAN vet, Drh Dani, will focus on stabilizing him the upcoming days ahead and ones Baron is stable the bullets will be removed.
Although his condition is critical, it is really clear that Baron is fighting to stay alive. We hope that with his high spirit and all the medical care and love he will be getting , he will pull through. His treatment for tetanus and all the other medical treatments he needs including the operation to remove the bullets is going to be very costly.
If you would like to contribute for Barons’s treatment please e-mail us at : info@jakartaanimalaid.com

Monkeys are NOT pets!! They live a miserable life in captivity, especially caged or chained. Monkeys carry a lot of diseases with them that can be transfered to humans (or the other way around), which is another good reason NOT to have a monkey as a pet!
Please dont EVER buy wild animals, even if its out of pity. The selling of wildlife animals can only stop if YOU dont buy! You buy means that you are supporting this business.

*Thank you Dinas Perternakan for getting in touch with us and for letting us try to safe this beautiful monkey.

Vivi’s Story

Meet shy little Vivi


Vivi is a very small shy young lady from around 4 years old. Vivi was confiscated from the streets of Jakarta on the 9 th of august 2012. She used to stand on the street with cloths on, she had a little dress and had to bag for money with a plastic cup day by day. She was very skinny and her teeth where all cut.

When Vivi arrived she was petrified of everything.  She only wanted to hide somewhere behind a branch or leaves and she was self mutilating constantly. I think I have never seen a monkey biting and hitting herself so badly. She bit her back legs all the time and they where wet of the biting constantly. She would also grab her own hand and hit her own face. When she saw someone, she would scream and scream. It was horrible to see the fear she was in.

But now…Vivi her life has changed. She almost stopped her stereotypical behaviour completely. She loves to jump around in her cage and eat insects and mealworms. She loves food and enrichment and can be busy with toys four hours.

All animals get a lot of natural enrichment too like leaves, trees, this is part of there diet.

She likes to sit in the tree and plays hide and seek now. She trust us and wont show any fear anymore. We are so happy and proud of her. She is declared healthy after her quarantine time and will be introduces to other macaques soon and live the life of a monkey again. Well done Vivski. We keep you updated about Vivi meeting her friends.


Malam for now from the monkeys and the team.

Havana Horse Center

At Havana Horses, natural riding school in Salatiga, the well-being of horses always comes first. Our ponies and horses are kept, fed and trained the natural way. They live outside in spacious paddocks, can munch continuously on various grasses, and go barefoot. That is why our surefooted and robust horses are well-mannered and kind. Moreover, they are patient teachers!

Havana Horses offers lessons in natural horsemanship, including groundwork, freestyle training and natural riding. We handle, train and ride our horses without the use of force, that is, without whip, spurs or bit.

Horse trainers and instructors Havedz Nugroho and Anna van Rheeden have extensive experience in training horses & people using natural horsemanship methods.

Are you an absolute beginner and a bit anxious around horses? Havana Horses offers you the quietness and the time to introduce you to these magnificent, big and powerful animals.

All lessons that start with haltering and leading your horse out of its field, groundwork and grooming. By this routine of bonding you and the horse get the chance to get to know each other and feel comfortable around each other, before tacking up and mounting.

Advanced riders can experience the lightness of a horse in self carriage by natural collection. And do join us for an exciting trail ride out to the race track and canter up hill through the green scenery surrounding us!

Are you considering buying your own horse? At Havana Horses you can learn everything that is involved with horse care, hoof care, how to communicate with the horse, and riding, before you take up the big responsibility of becoming a horse owner yourself.

We offer:

  • Lessons for 8 to 80 year olds; private and in groups of maximum 4 riders.
  • Trail rides out in the beautiful environment of our authentic village. You have to take lessons before you can join a trail ride as you need a secure seat and good leadership qualities.
  • Horse holidays: come over for a long weekend or book a tourist package of 1 or 2 weeks for you and your family!
  • Intensive courses of 1, 2, 3 and 7 days in natural horsemanship and natural horse care.
  • A 3-Days Course Natural Hoof Care after which you are confident, knowledgeable and practiced enough to trim the hoofs of your own horse.
  • Pony Camps for 8-10 year olds and for 10-15 year olds.
  • Fieldtrips for schools and companies.
  • Leadership Training for groups: companies and clubs are welcome!
  • Boarding of your horse. Let your horse be horse again by fulfilling its basic needs: space, non-stop grass & herd life.
  • Training of your horse: we can train your horse to become willing, alert and light, engaging the hind quarters. Do you have difficulties with your horse? Your horse doesn’t listen, doesn’t respect you; your horse runs away or resists when you ride, or even bites or kicks? We have the solution for you!

For more info: www.havanahorses.co.id & www.facebook.com/havanahorses

Contact us via info@havanahorses.co.id or Facebook.

Havedz: 081 575 135 911

Anna: 081 542 355 473

Brindle The Lonely Stray

Brindle The Lonely Stray : JAAN got a report from a friend and fellow animal rights activist about a stray living in the gutter near her house. She named him Brindle… Brindle has been hiding in this culvert in a tiny passageway in the innards of kemang for many , many months now. He only comes out if you leave some food out and only when you are already far away since he seems to be terrified of people. He use to have company of another dog, but our friend saw him dead several weeks after she spotted both of them. Considering the living conditions and area Brindle is in, we fear it is only a matter of time before Brindle ends up like his friend….Living the life Brindle is living is absolutely horrible and we MUST help him!! So our friend has been feeding him daily just to make him a little bit more comfortable and to enable us to come a bit closer. Soon we hope to send out our team to rescue Brindle and to offer him a better life!! We know that it is not going to be easy to rehabilitate him since he is very afraid of people, but we are sure going to give it our very best since Brindle deserves so much better! We will give updates on the progress and ones we are able to rescue Brindle!  If you can help JAAN help Brindle please donate to our Mandiri or BCA accounts.  Thanks sebelum !

Patch- -Adopted


Patch was hit by a car when he was just a puppy.  Someone picked him up off the street and brought him at a clinic in Bintaro.  He could not move for 3 or 4 months.  Finally Patch started to recover and had been waiting at the clinic for a year for a family to adopt him.  He is a very sweet boy who is not at all aggressive with other dogs and he likes cats too! He is being fostered now with a JAAN team member.  If you can adopt Patch please email info@jakartaanimalaid.com

Update on Franky !

Franky is an adult male long-tailed macaque from around 7 years. He was confiscated one year ago, in December 2011 from the streets of South Jakarta where he was used as ‘topeng monyet’.

Franky was petrified of people and showed a lot of stereotypical behaviour. When he saw a human he would immediately start to bite and hit himself with his back legs. His teeth where all cut and rotten and he had bad infections and painful swellings in his mouth.

Now, one year later, Franky is a very happy man in the group, leaded by the adult male ‘Nyong’. He really enjoyes life, loves food and to play in the water. The stereotypical behaviour is completely gone.
Franky can also be a bit moody, but is always busy with protecting the group. New ones introduced in this group have to face Franky first, as he shows up immediately making a lot of noise. But he is not very high ranked and doesn’t get much support from the other monkeys most of the time… so there he stands, making a fool of himself, being noisy, alone.. feeling very confident though!
Franky has one good friend named Kiss, and sometimes Kiss helps Franky to chase new monkey-arrivals in the group. Sometimes they make introductions a bit more difficult, but for some reason they are always very friendly towards new pretty macaque ladies! -)
When he finds out he is on his own, he will run away and keep watching from the corner of the enclosure.
Franky is a very good parent to the younger ones and loves to jump around and play with them and is also very protective of the other younger monkeys.
It’s a great to watch Franky. He is very curious as well and immediately knows when there is a new person around or something different in the area.

He has the cutest face with big round eyes and a lovely smile.

Thank you for all support and salam from the monkey team!

You may view the latest post at http://jakartaanimalaid.com/blog/2012/12/23/update-ex-dancing-macaques-meet-franky/

Santa Paws Team- Thank you to all who Participated !

Outreach Activities- JAAN team visits Sekolah Tiara Bangsa

Update Ex-Dancing Monkeys: Rizky dates Susan!





First I want you all to know the success story of Kubil, our oldest monkey who has been introduced to the group of Husni. He is loving his new life and the group, and they are very happy with him too. The good thing of two males and 5 females in captivity is that they can both get attention from a male. He has interaction with all the macaques, but sometimes he is still a bit insecure about how to behave. They respect him and he has credits to make some mistakes. At night they al want to cuddle up to Husni or Kubil as they have the biggest body’s and the longest arms. It’s fantastic to see that after years of suffering, he is a happy monkey now.

Last week I told you about Oni, the difficult next door neighbour of group Husni.
We think Oni has a little personality disorder and we have not found a solution yet.
He can be very friendly towards us and other macaques but it can change in a split second in being very aggressive, and angry. He has good contact with Husni, grooming, smacking, what you need for good interaction but unfortunately he doesn’t know how to keep the atmosphere good. He also had a bit of a moody face always. His eyebrows are very low, and it looks like life is all a bit difficult for him. At the moment he is to aggressive to introduce him to another monkey, as he will attack immediately. We are working on a plan for mr. Difficult.

Then we have a monkey , called Rizky, who has now been nominated to give social behaviour classes for monkeys.
Remember Susan? The old, grey. painted monkey without any teeth? We tried to introduce her into the group of Nyong. She was not accepted and we had to take her away.
After she was back in her old cage, she had a new neighbour, Rizky. They immediately bonded through the fence and it looked like a love story had just started.
The next day I introduced them together and what I thought, Love at first sight.
The very unwanted Susan was immediately adopted by Rizky. He put her arms around her, and till today its like that. During the day they do their own things, but at least every hour they will meet for a little hug. They sleep cuddled up on a branch together and as Rizky is very long, with long legs and arms and lil Susan is just very tiny, she completely disappears in his body. It’s a beautiful seeing and it will learn Susan how to behave like a monkey, how to groom, how there are ranks in groups. Things she never learned before.
This week the group is extended with Rico and Ningsi who finished their quarantine time. Two very stressed monkeys showing a lot of stereotypical behaviour. Also these two insecure animals are fully accepted by Rizky and they are already doing much better in a couple of days. Rizky has a big hart and we hope he is able to learn many monkeys how to become a monkey again with his kindness and patience. We are very proud of him.

monkey faces

Tinkerbell- Adopted

My family threw me away.  I don’t know why.

Update. Robin – sadly, this poor monkey did not survive.

JAAN team tried hard to save Robin, treating the wounds and providing loving care but sadly Robin did not survive.  At least there is no more misery and suffering for this poor creature. Thank you to all those who helped.  We really appreciate it.

Robin The Dumped Monkey

JAAN received an emergency message through twitter about a monkey that was put on top of a box on the side of a road near Manderin Hotel in very bad shape.
Today our team went out  there to rescue the poor monkey and it was indeed in horrific shape.
We named him Robin….Robin had a thorough check by our vet. Robin is paralized from the waist down and is covered in maggots. He is on a drip right now and tomorrow we will do a full blood check and xray him.
More updates about Robin will follow!
If you would like to help Robin, please e-mail us at : info@jakartaanimalaid.com

Adopt a dog/cat to save a life!

JAAN’s new office- UPDATE

So far we have done lots and lots of work at our new office.Everybody has worked really hard and we have accomplished a lot!!Some of our JAAN doggies have been taking turns joining us in “helping” and they absolutely LOVE the place!
We will continue to work hard to make our new place ready to be used, but obviously we cant do that without help…..
There are still a million things to do, fix, buy etc to make our office functional.
Listed below are some priorities :

1.We have chosen an area on the side of the house to become our in-house clinic. This clinic will serve as a clinic that provides medical care for all animals under JAAN’s care as well as supporting our “spay a stray” program.To renovate and to buy the needed equipment to make a simple clinic we need about 10 million rp ( +/- $800,-).
2.There are certain areas around the house that are covered with trees. These areas are nice and cool for our dogs to hang out. Not much sun can come through the trees so these areas have no grass. When it rains it becomes very muddy! we would like to cover these areas with either con-blocks or cement because cutting the trees is not an option!
3.Bamboo to cover the walls to reduce the noise and we need bamboo to make doggie house/shelters
4.Front area of the back yard needs grass and manpower to plant the grass
5.Socialization cages for our “topeng monyet” (dancing monkeys) program. This program has been a great succes and 30+ monkeys live comfortably in Sukabumi right now learning to be monkeys again! Ones thes monkeys are ready they will be released into the wild again. For our second group we would like to build socialization cages at our new office since there is plenty of space and since it will be much easier for us to handle. These special cages will cost about 50 million rp which is a lot of money….On the other hand , if you think about how many monkeys we can rehabilitate in the upcoming years , it sure is worth it!!!
6. We need containers for food, supplies etc

We would like to thank those who have contributed for our new office ( you know who you are! )- we appreciate your help very much and you all ROCK!!

If you would like to help, please e-mail us at : info@jakartaanimalaid.com

JAAN has many projects running and most of our animals are fostered at different places such as JAAN members homes, at Animal Clinic Jakarta and at homes of volunteers.
One of JAAN’s co-founders keeps a lot of dogs, cats and even a large number of wild animals at her home temporarily since JAAN has no office or shelter. We have been searching for a good location for a JAAN office but our financial situation did not allow us to take this big step since all our donations go to the care of our animals.  A kind JAAN supporter thought her property might be just the right thing for JAAN to rent.  WE AGREE !
This new location will allow JAAN to grow and we are able to have several of our projects at the same location which will be much easier for us to manage.
It will also open up many opportunities for volunteers to come and help us on a regular basis.
The JAAN office will function as an information and education center and a place where we can have regular activities.
Most importantly, this new place will improve the living conditions of the animals under our care!
To make this dream come true we need a lot of help
We need:
1.  Financial support to do some renovations and adjustments to make the place ready for our animals.
2.  Fencing material and fiber to make enclosures for monkeys and slow lorises
3. Bamboo to make dog houses as well as to cover walls to make it sound proof.
4.  Brooms and tools to keep the garden need and tidy
5. One high pressure hose to keep all areas clean and 3 regular hoses
6. Lots of cleaning supplies and tools such as mops, brooms, buckets,floor wipers, brushes,disinfectants,sponges etc  and several medium and large trash bins.
7. For our working area we need computers, stationary, white boards, markers etc, a refrigerator and freezer !
8. For our dogs and cats we need water and food bowls, strong toys, leashes and collars, dog beds, shampoo, food, towels, brushes, containers for the food, toys and other supplies.
9. An Aqua dispenser
If you can help us in any way please get in touch with us : info@jakartaanimalaid.com           THANK YOU!!!!

Nina- Mixed breed- for Adoption

Nina Today !



Nina when we found her

NAME : Nina

AGE: app. 1.5 yrs

BREED: mixed

SIZE: medium / 14


GOOD WITH OTHER DOGS: she is ok, but we think she would love to be “the only child”

GOOD WITH CATS: no-but with some training she will be ok. Now she follows the behavior of the others

HOUSE TRAINED: she does her business outside

ENERGY LEVEL : medium to low

STERILIZED/VACCINATED : sterilized yes, vaccinated already

GENERAL PERSONALITY : sweet , relaxed, easy going. Needs some time to get to know you. Obsessed with food



Nina was found on the streets in South Jakarta in very bad shape. She was very scared initially but after 2 days she was fine with all of us. It has taken several months to treat her skin and until now she still needs medication.



Nina is not a hyper , but because she is a bit overweight she does need daily excercise so she doesn’t gain more weight! Nina needs 1 or 2 days to get close to you, but ones she is comfortable she is the sweetest girl ever!



Our adoption procedure is as follows: e-mail us, fill out our adoption form, we will do a home survey. Please keep in mind that whether you adopt a puppy, young dog or old dog, training is a must and you need to realize that the first couple of weeks you will need to train the dog you adopt and give it time to settle. We also want you to keep in mind that dogs should be part of your family so we are looking for a FOREVER home and a family who has enough time for the dog.

For adoption please e-mail us : jaan_adopt@yahoo.com or info@jakartaanimalaid.com

Little Lexi- Adopted

Lexi has been with us for a couple of weeks now and he is doing GREAT!! He is still under treatment, but has made many improvements. If you are interested in helping Lexi or you ca give him a loving and forever home pls get in touch with us : jaan_adopt@yahoo.com or info@jakartaanimalaid.com
LEXI the Neglected Poodle Mix – Yesterday JAAN got a message from Bp Bambang in Depok about a mixed poodle that had been wandering around on the streets in Depok.Today our team went out there to rescue this sweet boy. Turns out that somebod


y had dumped 2 poodles in that area, but the other 1 was taken by somebody last week because he/she was still in good shape. Lexi was brought to Animal Clinic Jakarta and was checked thoroughly. As the pictures show, Lexi is in bad shape and has scabies. If you are able to help us in any way or if you can foster or adopt Lexi please get in touch with us by e-mail : info@jakartaanimalaid.com or jaan_adopt@yahoo.com

HOPE- Adopted !

1st UPDATE : Hope has been with us now for 1 week and so far so good. She still needs lots and lots of time to fully recover, have the part that is left of her leg amputated, she needs to be vaccinated and sterilized.
If you want to help HOPE in any way, please get in touch with us by e-mail : jaan_adopt@yahoo.com or info@jakartaanimalaid.com

Max – Adopted


A friend of JAAN found Max wandering around in a residential area in West Jakarta. After asking around in the neighborhood nobody knew who Max belonged to or where he came from. Max was brought to Animal Clinic Jakarta for a thorough check up. This big boy is suppose to be between 30-35 kg , but is only 19 kg!!! He is about 4 years of age and VERY friendly to everybody! We need a foster or permanent home for this gentle giant. Interested? Pls e-mail us : jaan_adopt@yahoo.com — with Jaan Indonesia.

Update on Amazing Archie- he is feeling much better now!

After spending 1 week at the animal hospital, Archie was brought to Animal Clinic Jakarta. We decided to shave off his hair because the inside of his fur was all tangled, dirty and sticky.As you can see in the pictures Archie is very skinny and he also needs treatment for his skin.He is making progress daily though so we are very happy about that!
He has settled very fast at ACJ and loves to interact with the other dogs!
If you are interested in helping Archie in any way or if you can foster him please get in touch with us : jaan_adopt@yahoo.com


first day after rescue    day 2 after rescue

This is the story of Archie, a young male terrier who fought very hard for 7 weeks to stay alive. JAAN received a report on Sept 2, 2012 about a dog that  was roaming around 7 Eleven in Tebet with his back legs tied tightly. The report came
with pictures and information since the person who reported took the initiative to ask around and to take pictures of the location and surroundings. He told us that Archie had been there for about 6 weeks hiding in the gutter and that he would come out after 11 PM. So our first attempt was last Thursday night. Our team went out there and waited from 10.00 till 01.00 , but no dog. Then 1 of our team members searched in the gutter with a flashlight, but no dog. Then at 01.30 after searching the whole area we decided to go home and try again the following day. After several rescue attempt our team finally managed to rescue Archie Monday morning at 02.00 !! Archie was thoroughly checked this morning, and of course the rope was removed from his legs (he started wagging his tail ones the rope was off!!) . He is severely dehydrated, malnourished and weak. Looks like he is just so exhausted of fighting hard to stay alive.He is full of fleas, ticks, has a bad skin and his back legs have been cut to the bone by the tight rope. The skin is starting to rot and it is hard to describe the bad smell…maybe the best way to describe it is that it smells like dead rats…..We have high hopes that Archie will pull through and that we can give him a second chance in life!! Archie has lived in the gutter for weeks next to a very busy road not being able to move around properly because his back legs were tied….It is shocking what this poor boy has been through and AMAZING that he survived! JAAN is going to give it their all to put Archie back on his feed and to eventually find him a loving home! If you are interested in helping Archie please get in touch with us : info@jakartaanimalaid.com. You can help by helping with the medical cost, good quality food, Malaseb shampoo or anything we can use for him. Or you can help by fostering! Note: Anto, thank you for reporting this to us and thank you for being SO involved in the rescue!!!! Most people just report and walk away….You have gone out of your way to help in every way you can and we appreciate that very much!! You are Archie’s Hero!!!

Sound for Orangutan- Thanks to Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) for organizing this fun and important event!

Artist and JAAN supporter, Nanang Kurnianang (Val) exhibited his paintings at the Sound for Orangutan event adding lots of color to the venue.  Check out Val’s paintings at Sandalukareti’Art on Facebook

Ziggy- Energetic and Smart! for adoption

Smart Ziggy :

Ziggy has been with us for almost two years now and it is time for him to find a loving family!
Ziggy is a very smart dog that loves to learn.He is active, confident and is just a real joy to have around!
Would you like to meet this smart guy?
Please e-mail us at : info@jakartaanimalaid.com


Remember Sad Boomer ? Now he is Happy Boomer ! Thanks to fosters and new adoptive family !

before             now !
Update Boomer the neglected lab :         Boomer was rescued from an irresponsible family over a week ago. He was only 14 kg when we got him and could barely walk. After a thorough check and a blood check at ACJ the vet concluded that Boomer was suffering from severe malnutrition and neglect. Thankfully, Boomer was fostered by two caring families and is was then adopted.  He is now a happy permanent member of a loving family.  Thanks to all who supported Boomer !


Zuki – Adopted

NAME : Zuki

AGE: app. 2 yrs

BREED: mixed husky

SIZE: medium / 8 kg


GOOD WITH OTHER DOGS: yes- but not with dominant dogs



ENERGY LEVEL : medium – high

STERILIZED/VACCINATED : sterilized and vaccinated already

GENERAL PERSONALITY : Sweet , friendly, confident, she is active , but not hyper



Zuki was found on an empty land in Sout Jakarta with a group of other dogs that were dumped there



Zuki has a lot of husky characteristics. She needs to have enough space to explore. She would be perfect for an active family that has experience ( or knowledge) with husky’s



Our adoption procedure is as follows: e-mail us, fill out our adoption form, we will do a home survey. Please keep in mind that whether you adopt a puppy, young dog or old dog, training is a must and you need to realize that the first couple of weeks you will need to train the dog you adopt and give it time to settle. We also want you to keep in mind that dogs should be part of your family so we are looking for a FOREVER home and a family who has enough time for the dog.

For adoption please e-mail us : jaan_adopt@yahoo.com or info@jakartaanimalaid.com


Name :Neo
Age: app. 1.5 yrs
Sex: Female
Breed: Mix
Size: Medium/ around 12 kg
Vaccinated: Yes
Sterilized   : yes
Good with kids: yes
Good with other dogs: yes-not with dominant dogs
Good with cats: depends- needs to be socialized first in new environment
House trained: in progress
Characteristics : Playful, Sweet, affectionate

Neo was tied against the JAAN stairs in bad shape on Jan.1 st, 2012.
Good beginning of a new start for Neo because her life  changed ever since
It has taken many months to cure Neo’s condition and to socialize her with humans as well as with other animals since she was very timid at first.
This pretty and confident girl is not only very sweet, she is very smart as well! She loves to cuddle and loves to play with some of the other JAAN dogs.

Are you interested in giving this sweet girl a loving and forever home? please contact us at : info@jakartaanimalaid.com

Escaped Monkeys in Danger

In the last Month alone, JAAN received five (!) requests from different areas to catch ‘aggressive monkeys on the loose’. We take these cases seriously, because we know that people might harm these monkeys badly and these monkeys might harm people badly too!

In Jember last month, over 20 people were severely bitten after the ex-pet monkey which escaped from a long life on a chain was shot upon by local kids; he was in pain and scared and therefore started to attack any person near him.

We wish to explain the following:

Monkeys aren’t by nature aggressive; they only will DEFEND THEMSELVES if they feel scared, threatened.

JAAN often handles ex-Pet monkeys that escaped from chains/were released by owners. Why? Because monkeys never make good pets; they will escape, or they will be dumped by irresponsible owners
Whats the result?
Monkeys roaming the streets, hungry, scared and confused. Often people will tease and harm them, not understanding that the monkey will start to attack people in return out of fear.
Did a monkey escape in your area?
1. Find out who the owner was / is
2. Explain to all neighbors to STAY CALM and if the monkey apporaches them, dont run, don’t scream, just ignore the monkey. If we react in fear or in panic, the monkey will also panic! This can lead to an attack.

Remember, the monkey will attack only to defend him/her self.

3. Ask a letter from Pak RT / RW to JAAN or another capable NGO to ask for capture/bring the monkey to safety. Don’t allow anyone to harm the monkey, try to shoot the monkey, this is ILLEGAL and also its proven it wont work. In most cases the monkey will escape wounded, making the situation worse.
The RT will also be asked by JAAN to make a letter to the all citizens in the area to not keep primates as pets.

Jika ada monyet mantan pemeliharaan berkeliaran di areal anda:

Pertama: mohon sampaikan ke warga agak tenang. Selama monyet tidak di buru dan tidak di takutin, monyetnya juga tidak akan menyerang. Monyetnya pasti kelaparan aja lebih baik di berikan makanan di satu lokasi setiap hari pada jam yg sama untuk menhindar monyet masuk ke rumah rumah dan acak barang dll.

Jika monyet mendekati, JANGANLAH PANIK , jangan lari, tenang aja, Jika monyet mengetahui kita gk mau menyakiti dia, dia gak akan mau menyakiti kita

Mohon menyampaikan bawa berburu monyet idengan senjata adalah hal ILLEGAL.

Mohon bicara sama Pak Rt dan kami minta surat permohonan yang resmi dari RT untuk minta tim kami datang menangkap monyet

Mohon cari tau siapa pemiliknya. Biasanya pemiliknya harus bisa mendekati monyetnya

Screen shot 2015-04-20 at 7.06.54 PM

Screen shot 2015-04-20 at 7.06.42 PM

Total Ban on Keeping Primates as Pets

Please sign the petition:

Petition: https://www.change.org/p/president-ri-jokowi-a-total-ban-on-keeping-primates-as-pets

thank you !

Adoption Forms English and Indonesian

adoption Eng 2013


adoption Indo 2013


Visit Cikananga Wildlife Center !

Cikananga Wildlife Center

The Cikananga Wildlife Center was established on 27th August 2001. It comes to dedicate the
efforts to the conservation of wildlife and its habitat in Indonesia and to support the
government of Indonesia to save and conserve wildlife. The main activity of our Center is
providing for facilities and man power to facilitate confiscated wild animals before reintroduction
to their habitats but we also provide permanent sanctuary for those that can’t
be released to the wild. In the Center we provide the great opportunity to study for animals
in returning their behavior that have been lost during their time in captivity.

The mission of PPS Cikananga is to support the government of Indonesia to save and
conserve wildlife protected in a professional manner, and of benefit to the local
communities. The main activity of our center is to provide for facilities and manpower to
facilitate confiscated wild animals and re-introduction to their habitats. Other activities
include: rescuing of wild animals, maintaining of wild animals which are evidence for law
suits, rehabilitation of wildlife, conservation awareness and education programs,
conservation and wildlife trainings, and awareness & education programs. Cikananga
opposes any collaboration with institutions which exploit animals.

Cikananga Wildlife Center (PPSC)
Kampung Cikananga, Desa Cisitu
Kecamatan Nyalindung, Kabupaten Sukabumi, West Java Indonesia
Email us at: info@cikanangawildlifecenter.com

Larry for Adoption

jill 3jill 2larry2larry1
NAME : Larry
AGE : 1 year
BREED : mixed
SIZE : We predict he will be medium sized when fully grown ( +/- 8-12 kg)
HOUSE TRAINED : in progress
GENERAL PERSONALITY : very sweet, playful, affectionate
Larry was rescued from the lapo ( dog meat reastaurant ) just in time!

Larry needs to go to a family who uderstands that raising a young active dog will be fun !

Our adoption procedure is as follows: e-mail us, fill out our adoption form, homesurvey. Please keep in mind that whether you adopt a puppy, young dog or old dog, training is a must and you need to realize that the first couple of weeks you will need to train the dog you adopt and give it time to settle. We also want you to keep in mind that dogs should be part of your family so we are looking for a FOREVER home and a family who has enough time for the dog.
For adoption please e-mail us : jaan_adopt@yahoo.com or info@jakartaanimalaid.com

Jackson – Adopted

jackson 3jacksonjackson toyjackson2
NAME : Jackson / male
AGE : app 3 months
BREED : mixed
SIZE : we think he will be a medium size ones fully grown
HOUSE TRAINED : in progress
A JAAN member was on her way home at night when she saw 2 guys on a motorbike chasing Jackson. The quickly stopped and rescued Jackson
Any one who wants a puppy needs to be ready for this! Lots of training and patients!

Our adoption procedure is as follows: e-mail us, fill out our adoption form, homesurvey. Please keep in mind that whether you adopt a puppy, young dog or old dog, training is a must and you need to realize that the first couple of weeks you will need to train the dog you adopt and give it time to settle. We also want you to keep in mind that dogs should be part of your family so we are looking for a FOREVER home and a family who has enough time for the dog.
For adoption please e-mail us : jaan_adopt@yahoo.com or info@jakartaanimalaid.com

Lana- Adopted


NAME : Lana
AGE : app. 2
BREED : mixed poodle
SIZE : small
HOUSE TRAINED : in progress
Lana and 10 other small dogs, rabbits, cats , reptiles, hamsters etc were all rescued from a petshop that was sort of going out of business. Since all the animals were basicly left to die and all in horrible shape, JAAN rescued all animals that were there.
Lana has suffered a lot and she needs to go to a home that can give her LOTS and LOTS of attention and LOVE

Our adoption procedure is as follows: e-mail us, fill out our adoption form, homesurvey. Please keep in mind that whether you adopt a puppy, young dog or old dog, training is a must and you need to realize that the first couple of weeks you will need to train the dog you adopt and give it time to settle. We also want you to keep in mind that dogs should be part of your family so we are looking for a FOREVER home and a family who has enough time for the dog.
For adoption please e-mail us : jaan_adopt@yahoo.com or info@jakartaanimalaid.com

Jill for Adoption

jill 1
jill 2

jill 3
NAME : Jo / female
AGE : 1 year
BREED : local mix
SIZE : medium ( app 8 kg )
STORY : we found Jo at the government pound were she would have died if we would not have rescued her.

TYPE OF HOME : Jo is a little bit shy at first so she needs a family who can and wants to help her build her confidence.


Our adoption procedure is as follows: e-mail us, fill out our adoption form, homesurvey. Please keep in mind that whether you adopt a puppy, young dog or old dog, training is a must and you need to realize that the first couple of weeks you will need to train the dog you adopt and give it time to settle. We also want you to keep in mind that dogs should be part of your family so we are looking for a FOREVER home and a family who has enough time for the dog.
For adoption please e-mail us : jaan_adopt@yahoo.com or info@jakartaanimalaid.com