Beautiful Doggie Poems by Alia Boentaran


Some people love their dogs .. And some people LOVE their dogs.
Read, Alia’s poems on her lucky little pups!
JAAN supporter, Alia Boentaran loves her dogs so much she has written beautiful poems about them and also added another one for all dogs in general that are waiting for their forever home. So grab some tissues and keep on reading as you might just shed a tear!

We hope these poems have inspired you to #adoptdontshop and change an animals life forever.

“Brownie, My New Buddy”
I was lucky
I found Brownie
My new Buddy
Of all the adorable dogs in sight
It was hard to pick just one that night
But then in the far right
The sweetest puppy stole my heart
I saw a fluffy brown haired dog, with the cutest smile and a distinct bark
I brought him home right away
I named him Brownie
Now I can’t be happier
Thank you JAAN
You’ve changed my life forever
By: ALia BoenTaraN
“Home Sweet Home”
You have been ignored
You have been disowned
You have suffered 
For too much, too long

But now it’s time,
You have me
I shower you with my kiss
I embrace you with my hug
I give you all my heart

Don’t worry,
My dog,
Take my hand
Your new home,
Will wash away your tears forever
You will never need to look back ever
By: ALia BoenTaraN
"My Lovable Shih-Tzu”
My Shih-Tzu’s name is Edie
She’s so lovable
She always cheers me up
She follows me everywhere
She’s by my side when I need her
There’s not a minute I don’t miss her
Her tail wiggles passionately when it’s time
For a tasty treat or a walk in the park
Her corner eyes glares at me when 
I glance at her from a distance
When I’m away, I have her close to my heart
Just thinking of her on the way home makes me smile
There’s no better feeling than coming home
To her warmest welcome
By: ALia BoenTaraN