A dog, that we have called ‘Trappy’ has been caught in a deer trap. Now the race is on, up Rinjani Mountain, to save him.

Animal Friends Jogja received a report, in the beginning of March, about a dog caught in a snare. The wire is wrapped around his waist tight, cutting into his flesh. The dog lives up at Rinjani Mountain & a joint effort is happening to find this poor dog.

Wednesday the 26th of March 2016.
Ketut (Dog Catcher) climbed up Mt. Rinjani with two porters carrying a net and tranquilizing equipment. They climbed for 7 hours and arrived there in the afternoon. As soon as they arrived at the top, they were caught in thick fog that hampered their vision almost totally.
For those of you who haven’t been to this mountain, this is one of the highest mountains in Indonesia and it is covered in dense woods, and has  sheer sides.
Since the weather was getting worse, they decided to set up a tent and sleep at the top.


Early the next morning, they searched for Trappy and thankfully spotted him in the woods. Ketut was able to shoot him with a sedation dart and Trappy ran away but not long after he fell unconscious. Unfortunately, Trappy, who knows the area better than anybody, collapsed after running near the cliffside so it took 20 mins for the team to reach the area. Due to the difficult terrain by the time the team arrived, Trappy had woken up and ran away before they could net him. Despite his injury, Trappy is still strong and agile. It is hard for catchers to net him due to the contours of the mountain.

After searching for 5 hours straight, Trappy was nowhere to be found. The porter suggested that Trappy could have gone down to the village, as there were no campers left meaning there was no food source  at he top of the mountain. When the team arrived down to the village, it was  raining heavily and Trappy was not there.

The whole team from JAAN, AFJ, RUSS, EAR and Valentina Miller then decided that it would be better for Ketut to return back to Bali and come back next week with better equipment and a full squad.

Next week RUSS will go to Rinjani mountain with a fully equipped team to try and catch Trappy and do the surgery on the spot.

We need your help to donate for Trappy’s surgery because the wire that caught him was supposed to be a deer trap. It tightens slowly and at this point we are afraid trappy will need more intense surgery.


To avoid confusion over donation flow, all donations will be altered from Ella’s Paypal and Agra’s Bank Account to one source, which will be JAAN’s Account. All donors will receive a personal report so please kindly send your email address. To donate please click, here.

Along his way to go up and down the mountain, Ketut witnessed so many dogs in need (mama dogs with puppies, injured, etc) so any help will be greatly appreciated to continue caring for the dogs of Mt. Rinjani

We thank you very much for the global attention and we are still hoping for Trappy to be freed very soon by the joint team. Together we stand strong and make a positive change!