A short video exposing the truth of a dolphin in captivity, at a hotel in Northen Bali.


After JAAN had reported this case to the Forestry Department and NO action has been taken, we have decided to expose this footage on all forms of our social media.  The trade in dolphins is shocking, these dolphins die and suffer purely for the entertainment of people.

This dolphin was wild caught in the area of Lovina, North Bali and then placed inside this tank to be relocated to a Hotel there to be abused inside their shows.

This Hotel keeps dolphins for entertainment inside chlorinated pools. They state ‘their dolphins are rescued’ but this is most definitely not the reality. You can read more about ‘Saving Indonesia’s Dolphins’ and the truth by clicking here.

  This dolphin died inside this tank, in a bloodbath. If you listen well, you hear the dolphin struggling and breathing loud, gasping for air. 

The management of dolphins is still under the Minister of Forestry but, with simple logic, this should be handed over to the Minister of Fisheries!

Stop this abuse. Don’t buy a ticket to ANY dolphin show, spread the message and ask the Government of Indonesia to take action.

Warning: Graphic footage below.