A brief video regarding the release of our ex dancing monkeys & our next step in saving them.


As many of you know by now, JAAN has managed to obtain a ban on dancing monkeys within DKI Jakarta after a long campaign which lasted 5 years!

All the confiscated monkeys have been rehabilitated and 3 out of five groups have been successfully released  back in to the wild.

At this moment JAAN is preparing to release the last two groups in our care, who have been undergoing rehabilitation for more then three years! We are also now preparing to rescue dancing monkeys in West Java province, where early 2016 a ban on dancing monkeys has been realized as well.

we want to see an end to all dancing monkeys and for this, we need your support. In Bali we still see dancing monkeys, in Surabaya and other main cities as well.

Help JAAN to campaign against this abuse! Take action when you see dancing monkeys. Call the authorities as well as JAAN. Organise protests and help pressure the local governments to take the right decision and ban this abuse in your area. Anything to create attention and show you, as well as others are NOT happy about the continuous abuse to dancing monkeys.

Here is a video showing what we have been doing up to now regarding rescue and rehabilitating these monkeys.

We also run a successful ‘Sponsor An Ex Dancing Monkey Program’ where you can finically sponsor the monkeys that are currently in our care until their release. To read more, click here.