For the people still thinking circuses that involve wild animals are all good ‘fun’. Think again. Click here to see the dark truth.

We  have recently been alerted that yet another circus has been performing around Indonesia called ‘Oriental Russian Circus’. It is held by MAZE Market Indonesia and supported by Hanoman The Dreamer where wild animals like Tigers, Elephants etc. are doing tricks to entertain the public.

Unless you’re living under a rock, this is not ‘entertainment’ at all but rather exploitation of wild animals & one of the cruelest forms of business we know.

These up coming photos are directly from their Instagram account ( Does any of it look natural to you? Tigers confined to small, metal cages, extremely skinny and chains around their necks. You can also see closely chains wrapped around the legs of the elephants.

Circuses will always paint a perfect picture,t hat the animals are well kept look after and are ‘enjoying’ what they are doing. But almost every one knows thats not the case. They are WILD animals and whats worse is many of them are endangered species. How you do think they get wild animals to do these unnatural tricks? With torture from a young age. Not just in Indonesia but also the rest of the world.

Below is ‘behind the scenes’ footage of a PETA investigator, exposing the true colors of how they get animals to do what they want. You can bet this is what happens in Indonesia too.

Please do not go & see this horrid show, or anything like it as you will be directly supporting animal cruelty. This is not a way to educate children as all you’re teaching them is that exploiting animals is okay. Teaching them to be heartless.

You all have the power to change & do something about this. Do support by going or buying tickets for these shows. Don’t be afraid to go to their profile & show them that you don’t agree. Once the demand stops, they will have no business and will be forced to shut down. Let your Government know how you feel.