You can financially adopt a turtle nest or volunteer & help our ‘Sea Turtle Protection Program’ on Lembata Island, Flores.Since January 2016, JAAN has been active on the island of Lembata attempting to make a change for marine life, especially the sea turtles, in the area. This is where our ‘Sea Turtle Protection Program’ started.

Since the beginning of the program JAAN has been able to save many turtles by protecting their nests and confiscating  once illegally caught sea turtles for their meat, which are scheduled to be released back into the wild soon! We have also managed to educate both the local villagers and school children on the importance of protecting sea life and have been working with the Government to try and end the slaughter of protected sea turtles!

You can read more about the program itself by clicking here or continue reading to see how you can help out!

Most recent video of the oliver ridley sea turtle hatchlings!

Support & appreciation from the local Government, has been granted to JAAN for our efforts to protect marine life in the area.
Support & appreciation from the local Government, has been granted to JAAN for our efforts to protect marine life in the area.
Interested in helping and getting involved?
You can either financially adopt a sea turtle nest or by volunteering on the island itself! Read below for more details.
You can help our program directly by 'adopting' your very own sea turtle nest for just IDR 200,000
 Your name will be placed on the nest and will be posted on our social media SPONSORJAAN.
Please email us at
We now have open spaces for volunteers to help out on the island and see first hand what it is we are all doing to help the marine life. 
Volunteers are required to pay their own costs but will have a unique experience on one of Indonesia's most beautiful beaches as well as
 be DIRECTLY involved in making a difference! PLEASE NOTE that people wishing to volunteer must be 18 years or older & be accompanied by 
a fellow student/friend. You will work hard, night hours & will need to be fit as the walks at night are very long.
 In the night hours we search for nests & relocate them to safer area after which we strive to allow natural hatching to happen
 (no interference from people, no touching etc.)

If you are interested in adopting a sea turtle nest please email

We will then send you all the details !

Jika and tertarik untuk mengadopsi sarang penyu tolong email

Kita akan di kirim semua detailsnya !