‘Protected’ sea turtles are still being caught illegally for their meat & shells. We need to act now!

Before we started our ‘Sea Turtle Protection Program’ to protect and hopefully help population of the sea turtles around Lembata Island, we were shocked to learn what happens to most of them. We often would find sea turtles at the fish market, waiting someone to purchase them, which they then will be killed. This turtle you see in the photograph (above) was alive, awaiting its death!

Sea turtles are endangered and protected by law, yet no action was taken to stop this brutality. Hence why we started the program! You can read all about it here.

 We want to protect the sea turtles and just in the last 4 months of running it we have already safeguarded over 70 nests! Therefore avoided 70 turtles to be caught and butchered, in the area where we started the program, Loang. We have full local support for our activities and we hope we will manage to protect all sea turtles in the area within the near future!

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