The dark truth behind your lipstick, mascara, perfume .. Its time to start reading the packaging!

Many animals, particularly white rabbits, are still being bred to be used for tests for many common beauty & even household cleaning brands. Some of the brands that you may have in your house right now such as Loreal, MAC, Maybelline, Windex & Colgate are still using cruel methods to test their products on innocent animals.

These poor animals go through immense pain each & every day of their life until they eventually die due to the suffering. These testing ‘methods’ are extremely cruel & UNNECESSARY. Many brands have successfully got rid of animal testing & use synthetic methods to prove their products are safe for human use, that don’t involve cruelty!


Below is a list of common beauty & house hold products that are ‘cruelty free’ meaning they do not test on animals. Please make it an effort to read the back of any packaging to see if the brand you are interested in is completely cruelty free, to avoid supporting cruelty towards innocent animals!