For the past 5 years JAAN has been very lucky to have had our headquarters at Cijantung & it has been 5 very comfortable years for our kids. Last year some neighbors started to complain & it has escalated the past months, to the point we have had visits from the RT/RW (Head of the neighborhood) & even from Dinas (Agriculture Department). Our rent will finish end of September & the neighbors promised they will tolerate us until then, but after September we HAVE to move.

We are very lucky that a very kind JAAN supporter has rented a large piece of land for us for the upcoming 5 years in Gunung Sindur. There are no buildings etc. yet so we will have to build everything from scratch. Considering we only have about 2 months, we are running out of time & are extremely worried .. We are in desperate need of the following;

Top Priorities
1. Materials to build some walls (such as cement, sand, bricks etc.)
2. 7 large & 4 standard size shipping containers, all 2nd hand. More cost effective as oppose to building everything from 0 & not enough time.
3. Funds to modify the containers
4. Gate for the entrance
5. Waterpump
6. Funds to set up electricity

We would be very very happy to receive any help for the 6 points above! If you own a company that sells cement/bricks as well as anything needed to make a kitchen, bathroom etc. we would be SO grateful to buy at a reduced price.

Please get in touch with us if you can help or if you know anyone who can at info@jakartaanimalaid.com / jaan_adopt@yahoo.com.

Please help by spreading the news as we are running out of time & are very desperate for help. Thank you! 🙏🏽