Recently we have been featured on both BBC Indonesia and Channel NewsAsia. Regarding the dolphin circuses (#stopsirkuslumba) in Indonesia and the horrendous bird markets (pasar burung).

Below are the links and videos to the articles, they’re extremely informative and interesting. Please consider sharing to help spread awareness about all these issues!

They featured us in this story explaining why Harry Potter is a curse for Owls. Do not fall into the trap & be a part of making innocent animals suffer. It happened to dolphins after the popular tv series, Flipper. People paid to see dolphin circuses, unknowingly making them suffer a life of cruelty.
This is now happening to the owls from Harry Potter. We are a big fans of Harry Potter but are against taking owls from the wild to be a ‘pet’. As cool as Hedwig is, delivering your mail, the movie is a fantasy & we want Hedwig & all his friends to stay in the wild where they belong.

Watch this fantastic & informative film about dolphins in captivity, within Indonesia. Indonesia is one of the last countries that still allows ‘traveling dolphin circuses’. It is pure cruelty & has to stop! Thank you to Channel News Asia for the film, article & photographs to help spread awareness.

Full article – http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asiapacific/indonesian-travelling-shows-where-dolphins-perform-in-the-name-9103560