‘Bailey’ is the WORLD’S FIRST sniffer dog who is going to be able to sniff out wildlife that is being illegally traded across Indonesian borders! #BaileyWildlifeHero

We want to start working more in the beginning of the wildlife trade & prevent animals from ending up being illegally traded!
Wildlife rescue centers in Indonesia have huge challenges to care for the many animals handed over that have been rescued & confiscated from the illegal wildlife trade.
Returning these animals to the wild is a long process & to enable us to work more effectively at the BEGINNING of the chain, we wish to work at the source!

We are setting up transit centers in strategic areas & will operate the K9 Wildlife Unit to help us detect wildlife that is being traded.
Today we held a very succesful event – the Launching of the K9 Wildlife Unit at the Erasmushuis, Royal Dutch Embassy.

Peluncuran K9 Unit Stop Perdagangan Satwa Liar, with the Head of national quarantine / dengan Kepala Karantina Hewan Pusat Bpk Mulyanto MM.
Mr Rob Swartbol, Ambassador to the Netherlands.
Bpk Sugeng I. Mabes Polri, Head of the Soekarno Hatta Animal Quarantine.
Kepala Balai Besar Karantina Soekarno Hatta Ibu Dr. Ir Eliza Suryati Roesli, Head of The National Animal Police.
Kasubdit Diklat Ditpol Satwa Bpk Hisar Siallagan.

Benvika & Femke den Haas from @jakartaanimalaidnetwork.

Wesley Visscher from @scentimprintfordogs
& SUPER STAR Bailey, leader of @Animals4Animals K9bWildlife Unit!