After long years of intense protests and campaigning against one of the worlds LAST traveling dolphin circuses. It has finally shut down!

End of the cruelty!
One of the cruelest dolphin shows in the world takes place in Indonesia. Dolphins are carted in coffin-like boxes from city to city, and forced to perform in plastic pools. Their stress is unbearable, their captures illegal, and yet, the show continued for many years. We campaigned since day 1 and 11 years later we can celebrate their closure after endless meetings, protects, lobbing and gathering information and proof about the cruel and illegal practices of the travel shows.

February 5 2020 is a historic day, the day the traveling dolphin circuses can fold its tent to never open again!

We cant thank enough all support from our friends and fellow animal activists, students, professors, conservationists, journalists, all people who helped the campaign and expose the cruelty from around within Indonesia and around the world and surely the support and ongoing collaboration from Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project.