An update on our project #JAANFarmAnimals! Our team paid a visit to the sanctuary for farm animals mid January 2020. Heres an update!

We went to see how how things were progressing and to deliver funds collected by donors. Funds were raised between October 2019 – December 2019 for much needed renovations, for electricity to be brought into the farm, for building materials to expand the pig enclosure, for medical care for the animals and for building suitable housing for potential volunteers.

Our team brought up two builders who stayed on at the farm to help S.Loong (the farm owner) and his wife- as it is impossible to get reliable local laborers. The two builders, both from Sukabumi area are struggling a bit due to the rats that attack them during the night.

The area is a former palm oil plantation and rats are attracted to the fruit of the palm trees. Cobras then invade the area and eat the rats. The rats are out of sight mostly during the day but come out at night and chew everything including people’s hands, feet and faces. The only solution is to reduce the number of palm trees and clean the area thoroughly. Some of the trees have been cut down and fruits and vegetables planted so that the farm does not have to rely on going to the local market every morning to get food for the animals.

Natalie, JAANs Co Founder, handed over the supplies, the donation money, antibiotics and anti-tick medication to S.Loong. He quickly ordered cement, poles and other materials to be able to begin work. The builders started as soon as they could- expanding the pig area and arranging for electricity. S Loong is very pleased to have help from the Sukabumi builders as he was struggling alone against growing pigs, torrential rains, flooding, and trying to feed all the animals without electricity. In addition, the only generator had broken down just as our team arrived.

The farm animal sanctuary will only be able to build secure, rat-free huts for potential eco-volunteers with additional funding. Daily reports are received from the farm about progress being made. The farm should have electricity soon!


We want to say a HUGE thank you to all people that have been donating towards the sanctuary, including our friends from Burgreens and Jakarta Vegan Guide who helped raise funds by organizing events.
Please consider donating as this is an ongoing project and will rely on funds to keep moving forward. To read about the actual farm and how we got involved, click here.