Help us rescue more Indonesian animals.

We are a non-profit organization that runs solely on what funding we get from either sponsors or private donations.
Basic every day expenses include; veterinary care, special diets, toys to keep all animals stimulated and happy. All animals are cared for daily and require regular check ups. All these costs can become sky – high and can be quite a struggle.

If you are interested in giving us a donation, we appreciate any amount and ALL of it will go towards the animals that we help.


For DOMESTIC Programs

Name: Jaringan Bantuan Satwa Jakarta
Acc. Number: 127 000 519 7619

Branch Address: Jalan Raya Cilandak KKO No.5, DKI Jakarta

For WILDLIFE Programs


Name: Jaringan Bantuan Satwa Jakarta
Acc. Number: 127 000 978 9965

Branch Address: Jalan Raya Cilandak KKO No.5, DKI Jakarta



in USD which is automatically converted to Indonesian rupiah:

Domestic –

in EURO:

Donations in Australia can be made to:
BSB- 032-289
Account # 438 041
Account Holder Name: HM Green

Once you have transferred to ANY accounts above PLEASE email to let us know whom to thank and if you want to donate to a particular cause or campaign that we are running, Just state so in the email. \


If you are someone who really wants to help but is not able to do so financially we will gratefully accept:
– Dog/Cat Food
– Leashes
– Toys
– Basic Cages (For sterilization drives) & Sky Kennels (For rescues)
– Regular Dog Shampoo
– Medical Needs, such as, Medicated dog shampoo like the brand MALASEB, Frontline Spray, Bravecto  and Bayticol
–  Blankets, Towels, Newspapers
– Food/Water Bowls

If you are interested in donating a material item feel free to email to arrange pick up or drop off.


If you can’t donate in any of the ways above you can always buy our official JAAN MERCHANDISE. 100% of the money goes to our organization and the animals we are involved/will be involved with. To check out what we have in stock now, click here.


At the JAAN facilities we have many beautiful, sweet animals with amazing personalities that would love to have a second chance and find their forever home. Most of the time our shelters are ‘maxed’ out as the number of rescue cases continue to grow and the number of animals we hold becomes larger. The more homes we can find for them, the more we can accept!

If you are interested in adopting a pet, Check out our ‘Adoptions’ page and see all the wonderful dogs and cats that are waiting for new homes.

We are also currently running  ‘Sponsor A Monkey/An Orangutan or A Dog’ Programs.
If you are interested see how you can financially help an animal!


Don’t feel helpless! Where ever you are in the world you can help and make a difference, Even if it is just a small act. This man is in New York City and has decided to give a protest letter to the Indonesian Consulante regarding the Dolphin Traveling Show. Bless him!

Overall if you still aren’t able to help in any of the ways stated above, you can still get involved! We need a lot of help behind the scenes to share and spread the news of the many campaigns we are running. Don’t forget to follow all our Social Media and help us create more exposure for the improvements to animal welfare that we are fighting for! The more attention on the world wide web, The better!