We get many of the same, simple questions asked by you all. Here we have our Frequently Asked Questions so hopefully you will be able to find your answer. Please check here first before contacting us as it will save so much more time as you are able to get your answer as quick as possible.


What does JAAN stand for?
Jakarta Animal Aid Network.

What is JAAN’S Mission Statement?
We are committed to Improving the Welfare of Animals in Indonesia.

What makes JAAN so different?
We constantly dedicate our entire time to better the situations for our beloved animals. None of the animals that we rescue are caged as we believe this is defeating the whole purpose. All animals are free unless it is absolutely needed, for example quarantine reasons. Even then all cages are still probably bigger then your room with many toys and constant interaction to keep the animal mentally stimulated.

Who are the JAAN Founders and how big is the JAAN Staff?
JAAN was founded in January 2008 by Femke den Haas, Karin Franken and Natalie Stewart, 3 ladies who thought not enough was being done regarding the well being of Animals in Indonesia and decided to create their own platform that people were able to contact when having questions/reports etc.

The JAAN Staff is quite large but not as big as other organizations as we want to keep it small and intact to ensure all projects are followed through. We have over 30+ animal loving people involved in JAAN including veterinarians, volunteers and employees.

Where does JAAN get their funding?
JAAN’S main funding and support is from Individual Donations, Schools/Organizations that are interested in our Programs or funding/grants from other International Animal Charities.

How can i become a Volunteer?
JAAN has ongoing need for for volunteers in the following areas: Fund-raising, soliciting and coordinating donations of cat and dog food, media contact, organizing and assisting at specific events, doing educational outreach, and finding foster homes.

JAAN has very limited work which is hands-on with animals. The dogs and cats we get are often traumatized and many are suffering from numerous diseases, making them unsafe for kids/students to help with.  JAAN volunteers must have initiative and be able to work independently as we are a very small team and have no staff available to provide a lot of supervision.

If you think you can help JAAN in any of the areas listed above please send an email to us and we’ll get in touch with you to understand your time commitments.  JAAN LOVES ITS VOLUNTEERS! THANK YOU! please contact: info@jakartaanimalaid.com

How can i help JAAN?
Well .. Thanks for asking!
Check out our ‘Donate’ Page here and see all the many ways you can help us!

Aren’t there any laws by the Government to protect the Animals in Indonesia?
Indonesia does have an animal welfare act, KUKP Pasal 302. Although this ‘act’ has never been updated since 1930 but JAAN still strives to use this law to end  various Cruelty To Animals cases.
We also full support Indonesia’s commitment to enforcing the National Law No. 5 made in 1990 that prohibits the trade in protected wildlife.

We constantly keep striving for the Government to create new laws and update the old as this would make many cruelty cases towards animals, Illegal![bg_faq_end]



What has JAAN done for Domestic Animals since it began?
– Rescued over 1241 Stray Dogs and Cats. Most have been re-homed .. But many just stick with us forever 🙂
– Educated Schools, Universities and Communities on Animal Welfare regarding Domestic Care and ALL that JAAN does (animal welfare in general)
– Established a program to provide free Veterinary Care and Education to 220 Carriage Horses and their Owner
– Created a Rest Pasture for 23 over-worked Carriage Horses
– Sterilized over 2480 Cats and Dogs.

Does JAAN get Pedigree stray Dogs/Cats?  
JAAN often receives pedigree dogs; most of them ‘fashion victims’ meaning that people had purchased them only because of their breed but had no idea how to care for that particular cat/dog. JAAN also received many pedigree dogs dumped by the ‘puppy mills’ and  older females that had been used for breeding but are of no more use for the business.

How can I adopt a Dog/Cat?
JAAN allows people to adopt a dog or cat if they can provide a loving and forever home. The new owners have to be committed for veterinary care, provide love and care and in case the owners move house/country the pet should be taken with them. JAAN strives to find a suitable pet that fits in the life of the potential adopter.

Potential adopters need to fill in the adoption form after which a home visit will be conducted. Once agreed to give the dog/cat up for adoption, JAAN will also do a second survey any time afterwards.

How can I foster a dog?
JAAN is very much in need of foster homes; if you are interested in helping a dog or cat and having a companion at home until a forever home is found, then email us!

Please understand that not always you will get a perfectly fine well behaved dog.  We look for fosters who understand the concept of ‘fostering’ and who understands that we need a home for a dog that we just rescued . This means that they will most likely get a dog with health and mental issues that needs a nice, comfortable place where he/she can recover and learn how to become part of a family. This means that at the beginning the foster family has to go back and forward for the medical needs. The foster needs patience if the dog is a bit traumatized etc.
Most rescued dogs have been traumatised in some sort of way and need your right treatment and care to get them back to shape, socialized and full of confidence. This needs dedication and most of all, patience.

‘I’m here just for 2 – 3 years.  Can I adopt a dog – I’ll find a home for it when i leave when I leave so I won’t be a burden to JAAN.  Is that OK?’
No, JAAN only agrees to hand over a dog when it is a forever home. JAAN doesnt agree with any dog being rehomed to any new location without the permission and knowlegde of JAAN. In this situation fostering a dog is a much better option.

Why do some Indonesians make dogs stay in cages all the time?
Unfortunately this is very common in Indonesia -that is just how many people deal with pet dogs.  They just see their pet as a kind of ornament  rather than a family member. It is very important to explain to them the negative aspects of keeping a dog/cat in a cage. Often owners are also lazy in dealing with their pet, cleaning etc .. Having a kitten or puppy is almost like having a child, they need your time and patience. These kind of owners simply have no knowlegde about animal welfare. It is our duty to explain to them the proper care of companion animals.

What can I do about my neighbors who have a dog/cat in a cage?
Talk to them! We know some times this may be abit embarrassing but never fear to do something good. Just let them know this is a crime towards the welfare of the animal and also very bad for their health. It will also be bad for the owners as dogs or cats will become frustrated, aggressive and will either start to bark or create a fuss all day out of boredom and frustration.

Does JAAN support Stray Sterilizations?
Yes JAAN is in favor of sterilization and JAAN often conducts sterilization drives for stray cats. The cats are caught with trapping cages after which the cats are provided medical treatment and sterilized, nursed back to strength before released back on the streets in a safe area, preferably in the area where the cat was captured.
The number of stray cats are almost as much as the human population in Indonesia. If we are able to minimize the number of cats by preventing them from breeding, then we will minimize the number of cruelty cases towards these street cats.

Please tell me what JAAN does for Carriage Horses.
Carriage horses and their owners have been registred and given the choice to follow better standards as formulated by JAAN or not. If the owners agree, the horses will be provided free medical treatments . Their horses will be microchipped and JAAN will put eah individual in our data base. JAAN has constructed a carriage horse centre in Puri, on donated grassland. Here, the horses can anjoy a playground, roll in the grass, and have better housing then carriage horses elsewhere. JAAN now cares for twenty carriage horses there. Two rescued horses are also under JAAN’S care. Both horses had been sincerely mistreated and JAAN got them back to health and now they can enjoy their lives to the fullest.

What should I do if I see a carriage horse in obvious distress?
Please report to us immediately with details, location and photos/video if possible. You can find all our contact information in either our ‘Contact Us’ or ‘How You Can Help’ section.

What is the link between JAAN and Animal Clinic Jakarta?
Animal Clinic Jakarta, ACJ, is the particular Vet Clinic that we trust and always work with. All domestic animals that we deal with are all taken there for veterinary care.

Is ACJ expensive?  What do they offer?
ACJ is not more expensive than other animal clinics in Jakarta, for details please visit their website – www.animalclinicjakarta.com

Does Animal Clinic Jakarta give free Vet Care to Strays?
No. But ACJ does help animals under JAAN care at cost (no profitable price) but people bringing in individual straysnot through JAAN, will pay  the normal prices.

Do you offer dog training programs?  My dog (and I) could use some help!
Yes!  Please ask for information at the Animal Clinic Jakarta (ACJ) front desk. Dogs that are adopted through JAAN will be provided free assistance with trainings whenever possible through JAAN.