Desperate help needed for this Farm Animal Sanctuary in Dumai, Riau.


Introducing Farm Animal Sanctuary in Dumai, Riau.
We were approached by a couple a few months ago, desperately requesting their assistance to help manage their sanctuary.

About a year ago the couple moved to Dumai, Riau where they bought 5 hectares of land. After learning that farm animals suffer the most brutal treatment of animals in todays world. They’re strong vegans who believe that farm animals are sentient beings who deserve good lives, so they planned to turn the land into a haven for farm animals such as cows, goats pigs, chickens, geese etc. which would be 1 of the first in Indonesia!

Currently they look after 43 dogs (11 born there), 43 pigs (23 piglets were born there), 30 chickens & ducks, 3 geese and 14 turtles. They have NO electricity on their land so are forced to work by 1000W generator plus 4 small -400W solar panels which gives them around 4 hours per day to cook rice for the animals. They had 5 hectares of land to start with, but had to keep selling off parts to sustain the sanctuary.  They tried to plant lime trees as a source of income, as well as attempt to sell egg tarts. But unfortunately, both have had no success. They currently have 3 hectares left. They even created a Facebook page called MyHomeMyAnimalsHaven as well as a website www.myhomemyanimalshaven & Instagram account. Sadly, they haven’t had as much activity & exposure as they hoped.

After a report from a JAAN volunteer who recently spent 1 week there & careful assessment the couple need the following immediate assistance:
– Immediate access to electricity
– A fence around their property so the dogs can be unchained
– All of the pigs and dogs sterilized &vaccinated (the priority are the males)
– All of the dogs treated for worms & ticks (each dog is carrying a thousand ticks)
– The pigs need veterinary care to see if they also have worms or other diseases
– Proper shelter needs to be built as many of the animals have nowhere to go when it rains
– All facilities need to be upgraded and repaired
– Their mud kitchen floor needs to be replaced with tiles to keep down the rat population.
– Training on proper shelter management.

We have decided to take on this case & help this couple as they have wonderful intentions, they’re just struggling financially. Which also means that some of the animals aren’t currently in the best living conditions. So we really want to help! This will require a lot of funding and we are calling out the animal lover community. This is currently the only farm animal sanctuary we know of in Indonesia, so we are also calling out to all vegans and farm animal lovers to help get involved.

After the basics are provided and shelter management training given, the couple plans to open up their facility to eco tourism, for any volunteers that want to come to help & spend time working with the animals in their care.  From income from volunteers and tourists they hope to make their sanctuary sustainable.

We will be making regular trips & will be keeping everyone updated on the progress.
We want to start fundraising as soon as possible so PLEASE consider helping by making a donation to our local bank below

Name: Jaringan Bantuan Satwa Jakarta
Accout Number: 127 000 519 7619