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Thank you @VeganXL from The Netherlands, for sponsoring our handicapped, rescued monkey, Agung. We at JAAN are so grateful for your sponsorship as with your sponsorship, Agung will be able to receive the extra medical care needed to make his life as comfortable as possible. Are you or is your company interested in sponsoring a rescued ex dancing monkey? You can sponsor one of our rescued animals from wherever you are based. JAAN’s European office is based in The Netherlands and they also have a Dutch bank account and Paypal. Please check out JAAN’s website: www.jakartaanimalaidnetwork.com and get in touch with sponsorjaan@gmail.com if you would like to obtain more information. Without the support of businesses and people like you, JAAN would not be able to rescue the many animals in need. It is all about working together to obtain the best results. #jakartaanimalaidnetwork #jaanindonesia #adoptdontshop #againstanimalcruelty #jaanadoption #adopsiindonesia #jaanhq #stopdancingmonkeys #stoptopengmonyet #dancingmonkey #jaanrescue #raptorrescue #indonesiabebastopengmonyet #stopwildlifetrade #stopwildlifeextinction #sponsorjaan #agungjaan

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