Our latest crocodile rescue from Gembong Village, Bekasi after it was caught for its ‘mystical’ powers.

On Friday, 27th August 2016 the JAAN team & the Forestry Police (KSDA) went to follow up on a report at Gembong village, Bekasi where 1 of the villagers had captured a 140 kg crocodile that was 2.5m long, from the wild!


As all relocation processes must be done formally in accordance to all laws & regulations, together with the police KSDA as well as the ‘head’ of the area (The RW) we tied to negotiate & rescue the crocodile in a peaceful manner. But the villager who captured the crocodile believed the crocodile had mystical powers & provoked all the other villagers to agree, which made it impossible to rescue the crocodile at the time.

The crocodile was tied up for almost a week & started to loose energy. The RW tried to negotiate again with the villagers, but without success. Due to pressure, the villagers then involved the local ‘dukun’ (a shaman/traditional healer) & ended up releasing the ropes tying the crocodiles mouth & legs. Because the lack of experience the villagers have with handling large reptiles, the crocodile managed to bite off the dukun’s toe completely! Naturally, this created a lot of panic & scared the villagers so thats when JAAN was contacted again to help with capturing & relocating the crocodile.

Our team finally went out the the location & the crocodile was safely captured. Well done team! The crocodile has wounds all over his body due to the mistreatment he has been exposed to for the past week. One eye is now blind (severe laceration) as it has ruptured, probably due to kids who were poking it. We do have good hope though for the crocodile to recover as he is in good hands now.  🐊


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